19 Starseed Characteristics You Should Know About

Starseeds are the souls having a different star origin than earth, but they have selected to incarnate on earth to serve the human race and Mother Nature in many ways.

Although they choose the human body for their incarnation and go through all the stages of birth, they appear entirely different when they stand together with other earth dwellers. Starseed physical characteristics are unique. Let’s start with the Starseed physical appearance:


Starseed Eyes: Starseeds are old and wise souls, and their eyes depict that. They have eyes of the keen observer who can even see the minute details.

As they are highly intelligent, their eyes show wisdom. Usually, they have large and magnetic eyes; but some could have small eyes as well having different shapes and colours. But one thing is for sure when you look in their eyes, you see curiosity and depth as they know the unknown.

Starseed Faces: Usually, starseeds have long and thin faces – but again, it is not true for all. Their necks are also thin and long. There’s much talk about their skulls, and it can be elongated. That’s true in many cases because their skull has to enclose a larger brain than others.

Many starseeds have a beautiful look on their faces, but some might scare you with their sharp look. Some may even look like elves with pointy ears.

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Starseed Bodies: They are mostly tall with thin bodies. They don’t overeat and remain slim throughout their lives. However, that’s not true for all; and as starseeds require time to recognise their origin, they may overeat and become fat.


Other than these appearances, some starseed physical characteristics are as follow:

  • Highly sensitive to hot or cold
  • Strong body irrespective of the shape
  • High tolerance for pain or no easiness at all during pain
  • Issues with artificial bright lights – sunlight seems to be most comforting
  • High immunity; they don’t fall ill like usual public
  • During any disease, their recovering ability is pretty strong
  • Sturdy physical as well as inner strength
  • Tendency to bruise without even knowing the cause of the bruising
  • Prominent birthmarks that seem unusual because of its shape, pattern and design
  • Extreme love for nature including love for plants and animals
  • High sensitivity towards extreme noise and sounds – better hearing ability than others
  • Attractiveness towards willow trees or any other unique tree
  • Hearing sounds of unknown frequencies is quite common that comes with tingling sensations and head pressure
  • Blond hair mostly, or any colour hair with a bit of red colour
  • Sensitivity to alcohol, drugs, and any particular medicine, but high tolerance could also be present
  • Night owls: stay up more than the average person and find peace at night
  • Peaceful feeling of clarity and solitude when night sky filled with stars
  • If asleep, then unknown urge wakes them up around 3 a.m.
  • Body aches and extreme fatigue are common due to energy shifts
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Not all these starseed physical characteristics are present at the same time. There are episodes of any symptoms that come and go on their own. But these traits make them who they are.

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