Know your starseed awakening, starseed characteristics and traits

You are probably wondering what are sirian starseed and pleiadian starseed ? starseeds are individuals who had many past life experiences on other planets, some may have previous lifetimes on earth as well. There are many category of starseeds like sirian, pleiadian, arcturian and many others.

A common starseed may have lived many lifetimes on earth and other planets. These lifetimes were preparation but not all, some of these past life included being a human on Earth. Earth is great place for 3rd dimensional living and there is a lot for these starseeds to learn, although these sirian and pleiadian starseed have achieved higher consciousness on other planets. These starseeds have incarnated on earth with very little past life experience on earth, this has allowed these starseed beings to remember their past life on other planets. They have also retrained their extra terrestrial abilities as well like, channeling, telepathy and healing.


Starseed Test – How do I know I am a starseed?

In this video you can find out if you are a starseed, you should be aware that this is not a examination to tell you which starseed you are, in the end only you will know. There are times where you can vaguely remember events from your past life on other planets. You have probably asked this question many times and seeking the should also be comfortable that you don’t know, however one day it just might come to you the answer you were seeking, so be patient with yourself. You may use this starseed test to find out.

Starseed Test Video – Are you a starseed?

Starseed Quiz

You can take this starseed quiz to find out if you are a starseed, this is a good quiz to move closer to your search to find out who you are, again I would like to mention that not to take this quiz literally, even if the answer from the quiz is not to your liking, what you are seeking will always come within you. You can take the starseed quiz here.Starseed Test, Quiz and Traits, Sirian and Pleiadian Starseed

Important Starseed Characteristics and traits

1.You actually never fitted in anywhere, you either teased at an earlier age and had the feeling you don’t fit in.


2. You always had the passion to fly, or you love to travel. You had a sense to go home.

3. You like to change your outside appearance. Changing your style, hair color, etc.. I think this is just trying to figure out who we are.

4. Other starseed characteristics is dreams or encounters with ET’s or feelings of encountering them.

5. You love sci-fi films which has something do with the spiritual and unusual.

6. You love science and spirituality and believe both can coexist together.

7. You are against violence of any kind, whether or not its in movies or actual world events.

8. You see yourself as a natural healer or you see yourself as a channeler. You love to heal people and animals.

9. You are careful about who you let into your close circle, although you are helpful and sweet.

10. You are fascinated by certain star systems.

You always feel conversation is over or unsure how to continue your dialog.

12. You are fan of the latest gadgets in technology and you know how to use them easily.

13. You are fascinated by ancient pyramids, temples etc

14. You tend to day dream your life, its hard for you to focus on boring tasks.


Starseed Awakening and Activation

In the beginning all starseed have amnesia about who they are, but that changes as the starseed activation begins. When this event takes place most starseeds remember who they are and remember their purpose.

Many of these starseeds experience an activation (starseed activation) or a starseed awakening, this is encoded into their dna to wake up at a pre-determined time, once this activation is achieved many starseeds on earth remember who they are and their mission purpose. This starseed awakening process can be gentle or can be very dramatic, which happens in a major transitional phase of their life.Starseed Test, Quiz and Traits, Sirian and Pleiadian Starseed

Two Known Starseed Types: Sirian Starseed and Pleiadian Starseed

Sirian Starseed – Sirian starseeds make great friends, they are faithful and dependable beings, but you have to return the favor with your honesty and faithfulness. They can get hurt by dishonest people. Sirian starseeds don’t share their personal life with others easily, if you are a sirian starseed you may have trouble sharing your emotions and feelings and your needs. to be accepted into the inner circle of friendship with a sirian, you have to pass a few tests. to find out more about sirian starseed check this article.

Starseed Test, Quiz and Traits, Sirian and Pleiadian Starseed

Pleiadian Starseed – Home of the pleiadian starseed is planet Erra near the star Taygeta, pleiadians are extra-terrestrial beings that resemble humans.

Pleiadians are the holders of chairs in the galactic council, which currently over see truth of the universe, they are peaceful race of extra terrestrials. Pleiadians have developed some skills which allow them to transition out of our dimension. Some have suggested that pleiadians have moved beyond space and time beyond our understanding. Pleiadians use their intergalactic spaceships to move throughout the universe, they are also known as beam ships. You can check out more on pleiadian starseeds here.

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