There are many Starseed types – some of which you will have heard, others that are lesser-known.

All of them are important to the process of Ascension that is currently underway on our beautiful planet, Earth.


There are five major races. There are others, but they are limited and often judged to be subtypes of the major five.

These are the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Orions, the Pleiadians, and the Sirians.

Each of these types exists here on Earth with an overarching mission to help elevate humanity and bring in the New Age by raising the vibrations of the planet and our species.

In this way, we can ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness as they have.

Those whose souls originate beyond our solar system are often unaware of the fact until they reach spiritual awakening.


There are tell-tale signs that they might notice earlier than that, but it is the process of awakening that allows them access to their soul mission.

Do you feel as though you have a greater purpose here on Earth and have a strong urge to help humanity enter this New Age?

You could be one of the Starseed types listed below:

Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedans originate from our neighbor galaxy Andromeda.

It is the closest galaxy to our own and is actually moving towards us – in fact, it will collide and merge with our own Milky Way in around 4 billion years.

They are set apart from the other Starseed types by their pursuit of freedom and autonomy.

Andromedans have a deep need for control over their own lives and often respond poorly to authority.

Some of the critical characteristics of Andromedans are:

  • Fiercely defensive of their own freedom and autonomy.
  • Love of travel and being on the road, using it as a spiritual exercise.
  • They have an aversion to making commitments and a bitter hatred of obligation.
  • Often late, either because of losing track of time or getting carried away with distractions.
  • Can get defensive when under emotional attack.
  • Won’t stand for emotional manipulation, and is very aware of it.
  • Insists on being treated fairly, never backs down from this.
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The Andromedans are vital to enacting the positive social change humanity sorely needs.

Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturians originate from Arcturus, an ancient star system in the Bootes constellation. This race is considered one of the oldest in existence.

They are known for their enhanced wisdom and intellect compared to other Starseed types and value teaching and knowledge above all.

Some of the key characteristics of Arcturians are:

  • Feeling like they don’t belong in their biological family.
  • Enchanted by the stars, loves staring at the night sky.
  • Rejects the idea of social hierarchy, not really understanding why others abide by it.
  • Low blood pressure and temperature, sometimes anemic.
  • They resonate with paranormal ideas and exploration of metaphysics.
  • Talented in the fields of music, maths or science.
  • Prefers to plan ahead in detail.
  • Great powers of empathy.
  • Philosophical thinker, often described as deep and/or intense.
  • The Arcturians hope to develop humanity through the teaching of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Orion Starseeds

Orions originate from the star system Orion in the constellation of Gemini.

They are strongly linked with willpower and ego, marrying this with their spiritual mission and embracing this duality.

Unlike other Starseed types, the Orions have a love of competition and strongly value the realization of potential.

They excel in competitive environments and dedicate themselves to the development of their most valuable skills – and reaping the accolades along the way.

Some of the key characteristics of Orions are:

  • Lifelong learning and a thirst for knowledge.
  • A general logic applies to them, an analytical approach to problem-solving.
  • Stands their ground until proven wrong with concrete evidence.
  • Broadly knowledgeable.
  • Tends to respond with little emotion.
  • Values alone time and needs it to recharge.
  • Perfectionist.
  • They are disciplined and ambitious.
  • Highly competitive, driven, and ambitious.

The Orions are here to help elevate the ambitions of humanity and help drive us to become the best that we can be.

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Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadians originate from the Pleiades star systems within the constellation of Taurus.

They embody the energy and ideals of the Heart chakra and are highly connected beings.


Of all the Starseed types, they are the most balanced, valuing their energy state above all else.

They love to connect and strive to spread Unconditional Love to everyone they meet. They are often drawn to spiritual teaching and healing for this reason.

Some of the key characteristics of Pleiadians are:

  • Strong, broad jaw.
  • Blonde hair.
  • Hooded eyes.
  • High, defined cheekbones
  • Long limbs.
  • Highly intuitive and attuned to emotions.
  • Active and creative imagination.
  • With a nurturing nature.
  • They love the natural world.
  • Has boundless potential to love people.
  • Has strong parental instincts.

Pleiadians offer a balancing force to the excesses of the other races, concentrating on healing division and spreading love and unity to all of us.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirians originate from the star systems of Sirius in the constellation of Canis Major.

It is the brightest star in the night sky and therefore has a long history with the human race.

They are the most mystical and elemental of all the Starseed types.

It is partly due to the diversity within the Sirius star systems, with many inhabitable planets producing a diverse range of different sub-races.

They resonate with nature and mysticism more than others and have highly creative minds.

Some of the key characteristics of Sirians are:

  • Resonate strongly with fantasy art and literature.
  • They are attuned to mystical practices, symbolism, and shamanism.
  • Highly effective intuition.
  • Tend to keep their social circle small and tight-knit.
  • Often having difficulties trusting others.
  • Introverted. Some see this as them being shy, but in reality, they are following an internal line of thought.
  • Creative and vivid imagination.
  • Protective of nature and animals.
  • Passion for the arts, including music and video games.

The Sirians helped to seed this planet and continue to act as its guardians, protecting the natural wealth of Mother Earth from those who would seek to damage it.

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