Do you feel wildly attracted towards someone even if they’re miles away from you?

There comes a defining point in a relationship when two souls profoundly understand each other. They find solace in each other’s pain and suffering. They feel a sense of belonging in moments of happiness.

Even in each other’s absence, they have a telepathic connection that transcends time and space. It’s all pretty magical! When you really connect with another human being on an emotional and physical level, you feel as if you’ve finally found meaning in your life.

Strong Chemistry Between Two People

Here are signs of strong chemistry between two people.

1. You are not afraid to express your greatest fears

Our minds are swarmed with questions when we are in a relationship. Is this person worth it? Am I doing the right thing by confiding in him? Should I tell him about my past or what I go through emotionally on a daily basis?
When you share a strong bond with someone, these doubts are smothered by the forces of love. You have a strong conviction that your love is surefire. You’re not afraid to express anything to your partner. If you have any fears or doubts, you are upfront about them. It all comes naturally in their company. You don’t feel emotionally vulnerable around them. They make you feel at home.

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2. You yearn for them

When you feel suffocated in your partner’s absence, as if the air around you is choking you, you can be sure that your bond with them is otherworldly. You don’t feel attracted to their superficial beauty; you have a high urge to simply touch the tips of their fingers, and when you do, it’s an unprecedented feeling.

It doesn’t matter if they have a dishevelled appearance or are dressed to the nines. An overwhelming energy takes over you. You’re always left wanting for more. You feel as if time is fleeing when you’re with them, and you want it to stop, so that you can enjoy their company a little bit more, but you’re never fulfilled no matter how much more time you get.

3. You feel driven to be the best version of yourself around them

When you’re with your soul mate, they bring out the best in you. You try your best to succeed at your job or follow your passions. You take up lost talents because your partner encourages you to. You don’t feel obligated to be the best version of yourself, it all comes natural. You want to do all this to make yourself feel more alive, so that you can inject your relationship with this positive energy.

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4. Their love uproots selfishness from your soul

When you’re in such a mesmerizing relationship, you are no longer selfish. You don’t think about what will benefit you. You are willing to sacrifice everything for your partner. You are not hesitant when it comes to letting go of something that will cost you, for the sake of your partner. Your partner is your whole world, and the rest of it is just sand and rubble.

5. You no longer have fears about your past

Most of us feel fixated in the inescapable slums of our stagnant past. We’ve all gone through travesties that have changed the way we approach life. Sometimes these emotional traumas steal us of our ability to love.

When you’re with someone who heals the wounds of your past and imbues you with love, you’ll feel a strong connection with them. A connection that defies all logic, and yet it makes perfect sense. This clearly indicates that there is strong chemistry between two people.