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Here are the guidelines for guest posts:

There are few things to note when you are submitting your guest post. Please make sure your post does not refer to any religious book, or the tone of your post is religious or references to any post regarding angels. Any submissions containing content above a PG13 rating will be edited or rejected, depending on the quality of writing. We will not publish any personal stories or any material that is of poor quality or writing that does not meet any of our other standards.

Here are a few more:

  1. Your guest post has to be unique, which means you can’t copy paste from another website.
  2. Your post has to be on a topic we cover on Spiritual Unite.
  3. Your post has to be at least 500 words.
  4. Product or Book review or any form of sales article is not allowed.

How To Edit Your Post:

Title: Please try and include a catchy title. The point here is to grab the readers attention. We reserve the right to edit your title if it is not up to this standard.

Post Description: Include your article body here, please make sure you do include subheadings and paragraphing. Make sure to add a heading with the right tag, for example (H2) or (H3) For headings. We will add an image to your post.

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