The Succulents are a family of plants that are characterised by thick, fleshy parts that are used primarily to store water.

This family of plants includes cacti, aloe and asparagus – alongside dozens more.

There is much symbolic meaning behind the Succulents, so let’s dive into the symbolism associated with this family of plants.

Water & Life

Succulent plants are specialists at absorbing, retaining and efficiently using water. This particular power has allowed them to survive in even the aridest, desolate and water-deprived corners of the Earth.

It should be no surprise then that Succulents and water always have been recorded together throughout history. No other plant on Earth can conjure and store water like a succulent.

All living things and every form of life we can think of requires water in order to survive.

Every culture and tradition around the globe has explored the power of elemental water and its life-giving qualities.

Water has now been categorised as a “Super Computer”, able to store vast amounts of memory.

Succulent plants are great gifts for when a loved one is sick due to their water-based healing properties. You are giving a living water vessel.

Tenacity & Determination

To survive in the most inhospitable places on the planet is no mean feat, so Succulents such as the cactus have acquired symbolic meanings surrounding them: the tenacity and the drive to thrive and reproduce a new plant from dropping only one of its leaves other species in the dark.

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These tenacious little plants remind us that even the bleakest seeming impossible situations need not be beyond us.

With the right attitude and a determined mindset, we can achieve greatness even as we suffer the worst that life can throw at us.

To not just avoid suffering from adversity, but instead to thrive on it is a core symbolic meaning by the Succulent family of plants.

Because of these symbolisms, the cactus plant is present when called for in rituals and meditations focussed on motivation and discipline.

They also feature in some protection rituals, lending willpower and mental fortitude to someone undergoing a painful period in their life.

Love Eternal

The remarkable longevity of Succulents also holds special symbolism related to love and relationships.

This family of plants is linked to the ideals of eternal, timeless and unconditional love.

In some ancient traditions, in old legends that cacti were the remains of people who were waiting still for the return of their loved one.

It was thought that the strength of love kept them standing long after their mortal bodies fell to dust.

In more modern times, Succulents have come to represent stability in love. Also linked are ideas of forgiveness, making them great “I’m sorry!” gifts.

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Longevity in relationships is often an aim for those interested in love and romance rituals.

Succulents often feature heavily in these rituals as bonding agents, helping to secure the love connection and allow it to last eternally.

So whether you are trying to harness the power of elemental water, trying to become more tenacious and driven, or looking for everlasting love.

The symbolic power of the Succulent plants may hold the key to the manifestation of your desires.