Symptoms Of A Lightworker: This Is What It Means To Be One

Are you a light worker?  Do any of the following apply to you?

  1. You whole heartedly believe in freedom and change.
  2. You feel everything so very intensely.
  3. You have an inner desire to follow your heart.
  4. You feel different and odd.
  5. You are gifted creatively whether it be music, writing, art etc…
  6. You feel soul connected.
  7. You are conscious of mother earth.
  8. You care deeply about humankind.
  9. You wish to help others.
  10. You trust in love and peace.

If the answer is yes then read on my friend.  Light workers are those who recognise their inner calling to help heal and change the world.


We are all made from the same fabric of the universe however, we have all been designed with different characteristics, gifts and talents which we should celebrate and honour.

In a time and age where all that the media portrays is chaos, peace and healing is imperative.  We call this era “Kalyug” meaning “The Age of Downfall” or the “Dark Ages.”  This is a time where in darkness small specs of light appear and as each candle lights itself collectively a dark sky becomes infringed with beautiful little stars.

Those small stars are you, the light worker.

Buddha once said “A thousand candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Although we come and go from this world alone our true purpose is to share the lessons and gifts the creator has bestowed upon us.

The problem is that some of us are stuck in limbo with amnesia which causes us to forget our true mission in life.


We become engrossed in this materialistic life which brings only temporary happiness as our wants will never reside.

True and ever lasting happiness comes from serving others as we belong to a much bigger picture.

The social norm that has become our template for life does not allow for us to make time for our true purpose thus it is only when you awaken and the blindfold is removed you become unplugged from maya (illusion) and you remember what you came here to do.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience thus remember the true essence of who you are.  Do not let fear dominate your thoughts and emotions.

It has been proven by scientists that people can change water and air temperature purely through their thoughts.  When your aura and energy becomes positive it ripples.

Have you ever had a bad day which started of with just one thing going wrong but then it set you in a negative mind state and the rest of your day followed in the same manner.

If you changed your mind state following the first event the rest of the day could have followed positively.  Energy and aura ripples thus we should try and be as mindful as we can about the thoughts we are thinking.watermolicules



(The power of our thoughts on water)

There is an uprising of kindred spirits who are beginning to follow their intuition and heart to fulfil their dreams.

I watched a TED talks video ( where a group of friends had a high school reunion where they all attended Yale.

It was found that 80% of them were unhappy with their lives despite the big house, the flashy cars and the lavish lifestyle.

They lived purely for accumulating a lifestyle that served themselves.  The other 20% found happiness because they knew the answers to the following questions.

  1. Who they were.
  2. What they did.
  3. Who they did it for.
  4. What those people wanted or needed.
  5. What they got out of it.

The true purpose of life is to make a difference in each and every day for the betterment of others and ourselves.

When you do good for others you experience that warm feeling inside seeing someone joyous, happy and smiling.

Doing good for others does good for you.  It is essential that we follow our intuition and true calling in life so that we can heal and elevate ourselves and others.

Do not be afraid to shine in a dark world because you never know how many candles will be lit behind you.  Whether it be creating melodic music, peaceful poetry, warming writing or amazing art, every person and every gift is essential to the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Those who may not know much about music, poetry, writing or art always somehow evoke an emotion deep inside them, a soul connection.

They become moved by something unfamiliar because there is more than one way to touch the soul and everything is connected.

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Wishing you hope, love and faith.

Sahil Sharma.


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