Symptoms and Side effects of Kundalini Awakening

What is a Kundalini? It’s Origin and Meaning.

According to Dharma, Kundalini is a region of our body at the base of our spine. It is from here that Kundalini rises and wakes up our subtle energy chakras as she reaches higher and higher for the Sahasrara.

Once there, a sensation of europhia encompasses our entire body. While the terminology may seem absurd, a Kundalini awakening is a very well-known and widely explained phenomenon.

It connects our self to our destiny, but to explain the symptoms of this phenomenon, one must first understand the technicality behind it.

Kundalini is one of the many names given to the Goddess Durga – the female embodiment for divine energy awakening in Shaktism.

The word Kundalini literally translates to ‘coiled up’. Hence, we visualise Kundalini in the form of a snake that is coiled up at the base of our spine.

It is believed to be living within every living being, whether that being feels her presence is another matter altogether. Bottom line, a Kundalini awakening is possible for any human being.

Symptoms of kundalini awakening

Kundalini energy starts at the base of the spine and spirals upward like a coiled snake reaching the crown.

However, it is advised to only enter into this state in the presence of a Master because all of the symptoms of this awakening are not innocuous.

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How to awaken a Kundalini

It can be awakened consciously or unconsciously. Thus, you aren’t entitled to a Kundalini awakening simply by meditation.

You can just as much experience the phenomenon when you suffer from a significant life-altering experience.

During deep meditation, it slowly begins to awaken and travel from your Root chakra (at the base of your spine) upwards to the top of your head.

With every move she makes, she awakens your dormant energy chakras. Hence, this awakening is felt in steps throughout your entire body.

Symptoms or side effects of a Kundalini Awakening

You can experience a phenomenon unlike any other where they are in touch with your spirituality and destiny. Arguably, unbelievable, and yet this sensation has been recorded even in medical research.

Yoga is a preferred method of achieving the awakening. However, as mentioned above, it is by no means the sole method. A Kundalini awakening, while deemed as a spiritual awakening, is often accompanied by a list of symptoms that may or may not be desirable.

Ill-side effects of a Kundalini Awakening

Indeed, some people refer to the symptoms as ill side-effects.

The symptoms include; sudden dizziness, emotional numbness, diminished or extreme sexual desire, feeling of electricity circulation in the body, involuntary tremors, sudden happiness, loss of appetite and mood swings. This list, however, is by no means exhaustive.

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One must also take into consideration that every living being has different dormant energy chakras than the rest. Symptoms of an awakening vary based on the intensity of it.

If you’re prone to experiencing it on a more-so regular basis, you may not experience the symptoms as vividly as others. On the other hand, if you aren’t used to the experience, it may affect you.

Precautionary measures

spiritual awakening kundalini

Kundalini awakening can cause a spiritual awakening and vice versa.

Regardless, when you feel a physical or mental sensation which is out of the ordinary, always consult a physician about the matter. You cannot disregard a sensation as a timely symptom of a Kundalini awakening. The awakening is reported to go on for sometimes months on end.

All in all, a Kundalini awakening is a spiritual awakening of the energy which lies dormant at the base of our spine for years on end until it feels the need to emerge.

Once it rises up, it awakens dormant energy chakras and causes a sensation along the way – an indication of its presence. The Kundalini awakening results in many symptoms.

Symptoms may include sensations of happiness; however, they are not limited to them. This is your body being connected to your destiny.

You will feel uncomfortable sensations as those mentioned above. Hence, it is advisable to meet this state in the presence of a Master and consult a medical professional before the awakening.

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