For many of us, finding our soulmate and discovering true love are among the most important things we want from life.

This is no accident.

From the moment your soul was created, you have longed for the true love and partnership of a soulmate relationship. Since then, the universe has been giving you subtle pushes in the right direction using a phenomenon called synchronicity.

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is the utilisation of seemingly random events for the purposes of guidance and communication from the soul guides.

Put plainly, synchronicity is when the soul guides use seemingly random, unimportant moments in your life to try to guide you along the right path.

An example of synchronicity would be if you are walking down the street, feeling glum about how your life is going, worrying about your dead end job, and suddenly you spot a billboard that says:

“Feeling glum? Find your passion.”

That is undeniable synchronicity, though of course in the real world things are never this cut and dry. In fact, you often have to be paying real attention in order to notice synchronicity.

What Is The Connection With Soulmates?

When we begin our lives, we do so with a plan. This is often referred to as a “soul contract”, though the term “soul commitment” might be a better one.

This soul contract details our soul mission, the sum of what we hope to get out of life.

But we do not embark on the journey alone. We are accompanied by our soulmates, who we endeavour to meet with and help during the journey of life. The goal is awakening, enlightenment and ascension.

In order for us to fulfil our soul contract, we must meet with our soulmates. Our guides know this, and so use synchronicity to try to bring us together.

You will probably have experienced this before – strange coincidences that conspired to bring you and someone else together. Those people usually turn out to be very important to us and the course of our lives, even if they do not stick around for very long.

Looking Out For Soulmate Synchronicity

There are a number of signs that you are experiencing soulmate synchronicity. If you suspect you are experiencing this, then these are the signs that you should be taking note of:

Symbols of love and belonging everywhere.Your friends start new relationships all at once.An abundance of romantic movies, songs, etc. start showing up everywhere you go.

In addition, there are more signs that you have just met your soulmate. If you have just met your soulmate, you will notice that:

They feel like someone you’ve known forever.
You immediately feel a strong emotional connection, far quicker than with normal people. There is blistering sexual tension. The power of soulmate connections turns this up to a hundred straight off the bat.
You both have similar upbringings or stories from childhood.
You both think you have lived past lives in the same place / era.

These are all synchronicity signs associated with soulmates and the soulmate connection. The best way to learn about synchronicity and soulmates is to experience it, so why not start paying attention to these signs.

And, if you think about it, why would the universe put this post in front of you today if you weren’t supposed to do that?