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Use Telepathic Love Connection To Meet Your Soulmate

One of the symptoms of spiritual awakening is that you have an intense desire to meet your soulmate. Many of us have a romantic viewpoint of this concept. We want someone who is going to be our romantic partner. There is no need to worry because we will meet all our soulmates at some point in our lives. Telepathy can help quicken the process.

What is telepathy you may ask? Telepathy is when you communicate with someone that transcends words. If you ever had a moment where you were able to know what someone was going to say before they have even said it, then you have experienced telepathy.


The thing with telepathic love connection is that lovers can often sense what the other is thinking. People who are very in tune in their relationships can carry on a conversation without even saying a word.

You can communicate with your soulmate before you have met them. You have an energetic connection with all your soulmates. The reason why you won’t always feel the connection is because your ego gets in the way and you are not entirely connected with your higher self. Your higher self never loses connection with your soulmates, so as you can imagine you are always connected with your soulmates.

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Telepathic Love Connection

Have you noticed that important people you know seem to show up at the right time in your life? That’s never an accident. We always connected with the soulmates so when you need them they tend to show up.

Listed below are steps you can take to build a telepathic love connection with your soulmate even when you have not met them.


Meditation helps to quieten our minds which help with telepathic communication. Meditation is a great way to communicate with our soulmate, and you are able to send and receive thoughts from your soulmate.



Another great way to develop a telepathic love connection with your soulmate is with intention. An intention is an intense energy which goes out straight to the universe to achieve the goal you have desired.


Have Faith

When you start meditating, and you have set your intention, you need to believe that the telepathic connection has been made. Now start thinking about all things you would like to tell your soulmate. Communicate with your thoughts that you would like to meet them in your life. Also, believe that your soulmates higher self-received the communication.


You should pay attention to your dreams, and often telepathic communication is received in our dreams. Always keep a dream journal and write down everything you remember in your dreams when you wake up.

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Always trust your intuition, because you will know when you come across your soulmate. You will just feel it and know it’s them. When you become more confident with your psychic ability, you will be able to understand your relationships better.


3 thoughts on “Use Telepathic Love Connection To Meet Your Soulmate”

  1. I have a specific telepathic relationship with two people in my life, one of which a former ‘special school needs’ teacher who became a surrogate mother to me when I was between the ages of 8 and 11. It was a great many years ago now from 1981-1984. My immediate family made me endure several forms of abuse – my teacher ‘instantly knew and picked up on what was happening to me’ – she later explained whilst I was in brief contact with her in my 20’s then stopped writing to me after she misinterpreted one of my letters. Now I feel her cruelty in my dreams I am unable to change how she feels towards me. Telepathic communication is a painful one and feel her resentment towards me so acutely.

    The other person I have telepathic communication is a man I knew over a decade ago now, yet haven’t spoken to him in 9 years, yet have passed by one another in the street and he has actively given ‘clear signals’ that he wants to reunite and develop actual intimacy. We are both in love with one another yet I have had good reasons not to initiate a relationship with him in this life, he has various commitments to other women and many children. However, unable to stop my desire of him in my dreams and in real life – know that I am specifically more special to him because I am the only person he has ever told his personal secrets whilst the only woman to make him wait for my affection many years on. I have a captivating presence on the whole and physically very attractive and inaccessible to so many potential lovers. My dreams about him are prolific and always about initiating intimacy, my entire body and soul yearns to be completed by his physical presence. I need for him to physically approach me in the ‘here and now’ to consummate whatever unrequited love this manifests itself to be, yet he knows the human sacrifices he must make first – do I wait for this or painfully reject him a second time and spend the rest of my life still yearning for him?.

  2. I have this connection with an old flame (still) and it’s very strong, he is here with me in spirit now and then, we have made love, we talk without a word ….strange connection


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