The Temperance tarot card represents balance, patience, and moderation when it comes to matters of the heart. When it appears upright in a love reading, it cautions against extremes and encourages maintaining equilibrium in relationships. Reversed, it can suggest the seeker is struggling with these concepts and unable to find middle ground with a partner. By exploring the nuances of this important card, we can better understand its guidance on harmony and prudence in romance.

Temperance as feelings in love and relationships - Upright and Reversed

Upright Meaning: Cultivating Compromise and Self-Control

Upright, the Temperance card carries a peaceful yet powerful message about achieving compromise through careful deliberation of choices. It speaks of the need for clear communication, level heads, and willingness to find workable solutions from both parties when conflict arises. Whether starting a new relationship or hoping to improve an existing one, this card asks us to temper intense emotions and impulses in order to allow wisdom and greater understanding between partners.

The angel depicted on the card, with one foot on land and one in water, represents the balance between opposites and ability to integrate divergent perspectives. Her pouring from one cup to another illustrates the measured combining of elements to create something new. The path to healthy bonds relies on patience, moderation and self-control – avoiding reactionary words or actions we might later regret.

By heeding the Temperance card’s call for reflection and prudence, we become more receptive to a partner’s views and needs. This paves the way for collaborative problem solving and compromise. With openness, compassion for self and other, relationships can flourish.

Keywords for Upright Temperance:

  • Harmony
  • Cooperation
  • Patience
  • Finding middle ground
  • Clear communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Addressing issues calmly

Reversed Meaning: Imbalance and Discord

When the Temperance card appears in reverse position, it suggests the seeker is struggling with cultivating balance and moderation in relating to a romantic partner. Where the upright meaning encourages compromise through understanding different perspectives, reversed indicates an environment of tension or hostility that breeds dissent rather than unity.

Common issues represented by a reversed Temperance card include:

Power Struggles

Tug-of-war dynamics within a relationship where both partners dig in their heels, insisting on getting their way. An inability or unwillingness to meet each other halfway or shift from extreme stances.

Mixed Messages

Poor communication where needs and wants are not directly voiced, leading to misunderstanding and confusion between partners. Saying one thing but meaning or wanting another.

Flooded Emotions

Being so overwhelmed by intense feelings like anger, resentment or fear that it becomes impossible to respond thoughtfully or constructively when problems arise. Reacting instead of reflecting.


Satisfying one’s own desires without consideration for a partner’s needs or boundaries. Potential addiction issues that disrupt intimacy and bonding.

Victim Mentality

Blaming the other while neglecting one’s own role and responsibility in relationship challenges. Shifting accountability rather than collaborating.

Impatience and Impulsiveness

Making demands or insisting on immediate solutions rather than allowing time for discussion, processing and understanding alternative perspectives.


An unwillingness to hear a partner’s side, shift from entrenched positions, or entertain creative compromises. Each party wanting concessions without making any.

Reversed Temperance cautions that without mutual care, respect and willingness to bend, relationships can easily spiral into disconnectedness and conflict. It reminds us that we must nurture patience and understanding – with ourselves as much as our partners – in order to realign with equilibrium and harmony.

Keywords for Reversed Temperance:

  • Tension
  • Discord
  • Power struggles
  • Mixed messages
  • Flooded emotions
  • Self-indulgence
  • Victim mentality
  • Impatience
  • Inflexibility

Interpretation for Love and Relationships

Whether upright or reversed, the Temperance tarot card offers profound insight into finding balance, cultivating self-control, and achieving mutual understanding in romantic partnerships.

For Singles:

An upright Temperance can signal this is a time for personal growth before seeking a mate – overcoming extremes, impatience or indulgent behaviors that could undermine future relationships. Reversed may indicate struggling with this, still battling inner demons or destructive patterns that require addressing.

New Relationships:

Upright Temperance encourages clear communication of needs and wants early on, so both partners feel heard and avoid assumptions. It also cautions against moving too fast physically or emotionally before establishing mutual understanding. Reversed can flag that balance is off-kilter due to poor boundaries, unchecked emotions, or power dynamics needing realignment.

Established Partnerships:

Upright reinforces the need for continued compromise, especially when navigating conflicts or challenges. It’s a reminder to offer empathy, respond thoughtfully, and search for solutions fair to both parties. Reversed suggests tension and loss of equilibrium – a wake-up call to rediscover mutual care, respect and flexibility before problems escalate further.

Stagnant Relationships:

Upright Temperance indicates hope remains through willingness to rediscover balance and harmony together. It may require earnest effort from both parties, but dormant bonds can be revived by releasing extremes and reestablishing middle ground. Reversed, however, foretells a high chance of collapse – neither partner able or willing to moderate behaviors or bridge differences. The relationship may be too far gone.

Breakups and Transition:

Upright Temperance marks this as a time for self-care while processing the transition mindfully. It encourages learning lessons from the past before seeking something new. Reversed implies still being stuck in blame or victimhood, unable to move forward. Help may be needed to gain perspective and achieve inner equilibrium after a split.


The Temperance card, whether upright or reversed, offers powerful guidance in managing our thoughts, emotions and behaviors in romantic relationships. It reminds us to search for balance rather than extremes – understanding another’s perspective as well as asserting our own. With compromise and self-control, bonds can deepen and thrive. But without willingness to bend, discord takes root, equilibrium fails, and partnerships ultimately crumble. By heeding Temperance’s call for harmony and integration of opposites, we open the door to healthy, enduring love.

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