The 3 Types Of Soul Connections

We talk a lot about spiritual relationships around here, but did you know that there are many types of soul connections?

You would be forgiven for not knowing, as they often go without mention.

In truth there are 3 (or 4, depending on who you ask) broad types of soul connections that all soul connections fit into.

Soulmate Soul Connections

Contrary to popular cultural belief, we don’t all have just one soulmate.

Now, in truth, all of the soul connections we are going to talk about can fit into this category as all of the soul connections happen between soulmates.

However, those who do not fit into either of the other categories belong here, in the soulmate soul connections.

These are connections we visit life after life. Every time we reincarnate, we pledge ourselves to our soulmates and promise them through the soulmate contract that we will unite with them and help them to attain spiritual growth.

They are quick to form, so when we meet a soulmate, we know immediately that we are connected.

Soulmates are not necessarily (or even usually) romantic partners, but they can be. Most often they are friends that we feel a close connection to for a relatively short period of time.

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They come into our lives to teach us something, and to learn from us. And once those lessons are learned, the connection weakens, and we both move on.

Karmic Soul Connections

Karmic soul connections are a little bit more intense than your standard soulmate soul connection.

This is because these connections are made with the intention of healing old wounds. These wounds are within your ego, within your sense of self, and they need healing before real spiritual growth can occur.

But digging up these old wounds is not a pleasant experience, and often these relationships end as badly as they existed – with intense, soul-breaking pain.

These are the dark relationships, the ones that you don’t realise are helping you to grow as a person until you have grown enough to see that you should end the relationship altogether.

This type of connection is essential, as it prepares you for the final type of soul connection.

The Twin Flame Soul Connection

The twin flame soul connection is the gold standard for soul connections.

This connection is unbreakable. It came into existence the moment your soul was created, and will only disappear once your souls are reunited once more, and you ascend to a higher plane of consciousness.

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These are the connections that are truly beautiful. And you only get one.

The twin flame soul connection is so vital to our spiritual journey that it gets a category all to itself.

You can read a lot more about the twin flame soul connection elsewhere on this site, including how to know if you have met your twin flame.

So those were the 3 different types of soul connections. With time you will be able to identify each kind of soul connection.

It gives you a guide to understanding the higher meaning of all your relationships, and how to look at them in the big picture of your soul’s journey.

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