The twin flame connection can be one of the most beautiful things to experience in life, but it can also be one of the most difficult.

Twin flames go through a series of stages as they get to know each other and learn to love and support each other.

But, these stages are not easy to navigate and can often bring up a lot of challenging emotions.

If you are reading this, I am guessing you are navigating through a stage right now.

The twin flame journey can be challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding connections in life.

I want to make you aware of your twin soul connection and the potential stages you may experience.

I also want to provide some solutions to help make the journey smoother.

A little helping hand never hurt anyone, so here are the eight twin flame stages with solutions.

Stage 1 – Longing For Your Twin Flame

You may have had this feeling all your life that there is someone out there for you.

You felt the magical connection that your soul is longing for.

You may have looked all over the place for this person, but it can be difficult to find them because you do not even know what they look like or their name.

You may have also met someone else who seemed special to you, and you felt an instant connection with them.

But then something didn’t feel quite right, and you just knew that they were not the one.

You knew deep inside your soul they were out there, but you just had no idea where.

The longing can become frustrating because you are unsure what you are looking for or if you will ever find them.

I have experienced this stage myself and spent many years searching for my twin flame without success.

Thankfully I am now in a loving relationship with my twin flame, but it was not easy getting to this stage.

This is the stage where you spend your time preparing for your twin flame at an unconscious level.

You may not even know who they are yet, but you are preparing yourself when you finally meet them.


Since twin flames are divine souls, it requires a divine master plan.

You can use this time to prepare yourself for the journey and become the most powerful version of yourself that you can be.

Using law of attraction techniques can help you feel confident and empowered, so I recommend mastering this skill in preparation for meeting your twin flame.

The more work you put into feeling great within yourself and staying positive, the easier it will be to attract your twin flame.

This is a time to let go of the past and heal any pain or trauma.

You will be a different person in the future, so you want to release your past and let yourself become free from the baggage that is holding you back.

It would help if you prepared yourself spiritually.

You want to change your mentality from longing for your twin to yourself.

Learn to love yourself and know that the universe divinely loves you.

You want to be a person you would be attracted to if you were the twin soul.

Ultimately, you are attracting your own divine soul and mirror.

Stage 2 – Glimpse Of Your Twin

At this point, you will get a brief glimpse of your twin.

Most of the visualization takes place in your subconscious.

You may see them in a dream, or you may see them out of the corner of your eye.

You may feel their presence and get a sudden rush of energy.

This stage can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming because you are unsure how to proceed.

Many people will get stuck because they are unsure what to do next.

It’s possible to meet them in person at this stage, but this is not the most common.

This is where things can get confusing because you have to rely on your intuition on what to do.

But the truth of the matter is that you have nothing to worry about.

Your twin flame is here for a reason.


Continue to focus on yourself and your own growth.

Do not try to force anything; continue staying positive and focus on the good in your life.

The more you can love and accept yourself, the easier it will be for your twin flame to connect with you.

Their energy cannot help but draw you towards them.

So remain positive and aware that this is your twin flame’s way of saying “hello.”

This stage can be very brief, or it can go on for a long period.

This stage is to help you get ready for the next stage when it’s time to prepare for your twin flame.

Stage 3 – Love

This is the stage where you fall for this person deeply and suddenly.

It’s a very powerful type of love, and it feels like you have known them for a long time.

This is the twin flame connection that so many are looking for.

The love is intense and all-consuming. As you get to know your twin flame better, you will fall deeply in love with them.

You might try to resist your mirror soul because it’s not something you have experienced before.

Eventually, you will accept that this deep connection is real, and you will surrender to it.


This is the stage where you finally accept the twin flame connection and feel the love flowing through you.

You have let go of any resistance and are now fully open to the experience.

This is a time of total surrender, and you will feel yourself melting into their love.

You are now ready to take the next step and move into the fourth stage.

Stage 4 – Relationship

As you both become comfortable with each other and let your feelings be known.

You will eventually enter a relationship.

For many twin flames, this is a long-distance relationship where they work towards being in the same place.

As you work through your twin flame relationship, you will grow to understand how deep it goes.

You will learn that twin flames already know each other from past life experiences.

When you commit to a physical union, there will be a level of intimacy beyond anything you have ever experienced.

You will be able to share everything with this person and feel an unbreakable level of trust.

For twin flames, this is the honeymoon period.

You are both feeling the ease of the connection and the drive to be together.

This honeymoon period can last for months, but eventually, it will come to an end.

However, it would help if you did not worry because this is the stage where you both form a deep connection.


You should enjoy this period because it is one of the most special parts of your twin flame relationship.

You will be able to connect on a deeper level than you ever thought possible and enjoy each other’s company.

This is the stage where you learn to love, trust, and accept your twin.

This level of intimacy is what you need to move forward in your relationship.

You should also prepare if there are any difficult times ahead.

You should be prepared and be open to the idea that this stage is temporary and your relationship can change.

Even if there is a hint of difficulty, you should take it as a sign that the relationship is growing and discuss any problems.

Communication is very important to work together.

You will need to push through some dark times, but you should know that a brighter future is ahead of you both.

Stage 5 – Challenges

This is the stage where the boat starts to rock as the honeymoon period wears off.

The ego starts to get in the way, and problems arise.

There will be challenges that you need to overcome together.

There will be differences in opinion, problems with communication, or other issues that require attention.

As you begin to grow as a spiritual being, your ego-mind will sabotage your relationship.

You might not even realize it, but the ego is trying its best to protect you from what it views as a threat.

We all want a spiritual union where we can move forward without any issues.

This stage is about helping each other grow and come together as spiritual equals.

Ego and spiritual growth are important in twin flame relationships because they bring you together.

I also feel this is the stage where most twin flames break up because of personal issues.

This stage requires a high level of maturity, personal growth, and acceptance.

From my experience, twin flames can skip the next stage if they work through the issues.


There are two main ways of overcoming these challenges.

1) You can either break up or end up in the runner and chaser stage.

However, I don’t recommend this because it is like starting over.

Running and chasing is not something you want to go through.

When you don’t work through the issues, you will find yourself stuck in the runner and chaser stage.

2) The second option is to commit and get past these issues together.

This is something you need to do for yourself, and it is how most twin flames move forward together.

The key point here is to work on your ego because this will help you get through these problems.

There are other ways of overcoming this stage, but I recommend working on yourself with spirituality in mind.

If you can face these challenges head-on, then they become a stepping stone to your spiritual growth as a couple.

The goal of this process is that both twins learn to balance each other out.

This stage requires a lot of trust, sacrifice, patience, forgiveness, and love.

Here is something you can do to help you get through this stage:

  • Understand that there will be differences, and don’t expect your twin flame to be perfect.
  • Talk about your problems and be open to the idea of change.
  • Work on yourselves and understand the issues causing problems in your relationship.
  • Be patient and understand that this process will require time and effort.
  • Don’t let others interfere in your relationship.
  • Don’t get caught up in the past. Forgive yourself and start over.
  • Be open to different ways of looking at issues because there are always two sides to every story.
  • If arguments flare up, close your eyes and think about the emotion you are riding. If it’s anger, change to something calmer, like patience.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you or hold grudges because then you will be stuck.

Understand that some things are just minor bumps in the road and not worth getting upset over.

When there is a serious issue, keep calm and deal with it later on when both of your heads are clear.

Spiritual solution:

You will have to work on yourself and grow spiritually to get past this stage.

This is the only way to get over your differences and work through them.

Unless you both become spiritual beings, this gap will always be between you.

You can’t avoid it because becoming a spiritual being or twin flame comes with learning to be patient, understanding, and love.

With this in mind, you can focus on yourself with spiritual growth in mind.

Buddhism clarifies that our ego is the main cause of personal problems.

If you want to get past this stage, then recognize your ego and learn how to stop it from getting in the way.

The most important thing you can do is work on yourself with personal growth and spirituality in mind.

If you want your twin flame or any relationship to grow, then focus on doing this for yourself.

It becomes a selfless act because if you continue interacting with others from a place of ego, you will be blocking their growth as well.

When you become a spiritual being, all relationships in your life will grow, not just the ones with your twin flame.

Stage 6 – Running and Chasing

As I have mentioned above, if you cannot resolve issues, it causes one of you to withdraw and run away.

It becomes a game of cat and mouse.

This stage is devastating as one twin flame (Runner) shuts down emotionally.

This is where silent treatments occur, and the other twin feels awkward and helpless.

This stage leaves a lot of damage in its wake, so it requires intervention immediately to prevent permanent damage.

Otherwise, physical separation will occur or even permanent termination of the relationship.

This stage is one of the most destructive – not only to your relationship but also to your psyche.

The chaser tends to be the spiritually and emotionally mature partner grounded in themselves, mature enough to express their emotions.

The runner tends to be the twin who has become emotionally disconnected from their spiritual roots.

They are no longer connected with inner peace or balance and can feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

They have also lost sight of spirituality which leads them to withdraw into an unhealthy state of mind.


The first step is recognizing that this is a stage and not reality.

Often, one or both partners will retreat into old coping mechanisms that will worsen the problem.

You need to communicate with each other and be honest about your feelings.

This is the only way you can start rebuilding your connection.

If you are the runner, then connect with spirit through meditations.

This is the only way to become spiritually grounded again and stop acting out of emotional chaos.

On the other hand, the chaser must be willing to understand and wait for their partner to come back.

They need to be patient and not chase or pressure them, which will only cause them to flee faster.

Just be there for them and let them know that you love and support them.

The main thing is not to give up hope and recognize that this stage is just another step in your journey together.

Stage 7 – Surrender

When the truth about your relationship has come to light, you may experience a time of surrender.

You both begin to expose your wounds and insecurities due to so much anguish and distress.

In this period of surrender, you need to be patient and understanding.

Don’t rush your twin flame back too fast because this period of self-discovery is very important part of the process.

At the same time, you have to address your own wounds and release them so you can communicate from a place where love, peace, and harmony reside.

In this phase, you may notice a lot of ego dissolving and soulful expansion.

You may experience a sense of recognition and peace when you start accepting yourselves for who you are.

This period is important because it marks the end of an old period of relationship patterns and begins a new period of spiritual growth.

When you both surrender, a sense of peace and harmony begins to return slowly.


The first step in this stage is to release yourself emotionally about the situation.

You need to embrace your own emotions and allow them to be released so you can move toward spiritual enlightenment.

Once you have released your negative emotions, then you need to begin the process of forgiving.

For both twins to find peace and harmony, they must work together to forgive each other’s wrongdoings.

The twin flames must acknowledge that releasing their anger will purify old wounds and heal them.

They must take responsibility for their own actions and be willing to forgive.

Once this process of releasing negative emotions is complete, you can begin a new period of true spiritual connection.

To achieve this, you need to let go of all expectations and attachment to how things should happen.

You must also be willing to rebuild your twin flame relationship from the ground up.

There will be no expectations or attachment to the outcome during this period.

For the twins to truly achieve their highest potentials, they must be willing to let go of control and surrender.

As you both let go of your egos and release yourselves emotionally, then an amazing thing happens.

You will begin to connect with your soul, which is the only way to truly achieve oneness.

Stage 8 – Oneness

As the difficulties in your relationship get more manageable, you will enter a time of soul reunion.

In this stage, it is common to experience an intense connection.

You will experience a deep, soulful connection in which you both feel love in its purest state without ego or fear getting in the way.

It would help if you didn’t act out egoic emotions during this time because it can cause emotional chaos and disconnection.

Again, ego is the main obstacle that will cause problems here.

You must be careful not to let ego run the show at this stage.

Instead, recognize that ego has to transcend and connect with God/Goddess/Source energy.

It is very important to understand that ego cannot exist in the space between twin flames because it is a place of pure connection and love.

The ego fears losing control and being taken over by the higher self, which connects with Source energy.

You can achieve enlightenment by removing ego and surrendering to the feeling of love and oneness.

The ego cannot exist in this space because the ego is fear-based, and love is the only way to overcome ego.


Learn how to create genuine, profound, and long-lasting connections.

As you overcome your fears and learn to trust yourself, this will lead to a more authentic connection with your twin flame.

You do this at any stage in your relationship, but it is especially important here.

The twin flame connection will grow stronger when you learn to be more authentic and create genuine connections.

During this stage, many unconscious patterns are released and dissolved.

You may not even notice what is going on because the process is gradual and subtle; however, you will notice that you can build a stronger, more enlightened relationship.

These unconscious patterns are the main thing that blocks a higher spiritual connection between both twins.

For example, if one twin has experienced negative relationships in their life or suffered from low self-esteem, then this pattern will be released during this stage.

As they learn to trust themselves and love themselves, they can begin to heal themselves at the deepest levels.

They will find that the connection with their twin flame becomes ever more intense because they can finally be completely open with each other.

As you both grow in your spiritual connection together, this will help you develop spiritually.

You must remember that the twin flame relationship is a spiritual experience, which means you will be helping each other achieve your highest potential.

Do the twin flame stages always happen in that order?

While the twin flame stages are core steps to achieve oneness successfully, some aspects may happen more intensely than others.

It is important for twins not to expect things to happen in a certain order because spiritual situations are very subjective.

This means spiritual experiences cannot be judged or measured because spiritual energy does not follow set laws.

You may find that a happy relationship is the first stage to occur, or you may find that all twin flame stages happen in a relatively short period.

You may also find your spiritual growth and twin connection evolving differently in your spiritual journey.

As you start becoming more consciously aware of your spiritual power, you can harness any chance for happiness because chance is an infinite field of possibility.

You may experience one or more of the spiritual twin flame stages at once – it is different for everyone, so expect a unique spiritual journey.

How many twin flame stages are there?

There are eight stages in the twin flame reunion process.

As you go through the eight stages, you will achieve oneness with your twin flame.

You will learn many lessons along the way, but the outcome will be to reach the reunion stage.

How long do twin flame stages last?

How long each stage lasts can vary depending on what is happening.

Each stage is a different part of the twin flame journey, and each one will feel different.

The time frame can often depend on how much spiritual work you have been doing because those more spiritually aware tend to go through stages faster.

In general, you can expect that stages may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to even years.