The biggest key to manifesting your reality is by intention. The reason why that is, is because the desires you wish for the most need to be pure of heart and proven beneficial to those involved.

Since there is no such thing as sin or judgment, we go into the Law of Intention which is the fuel to starting the hopes and dreams you hold most dear to your heart.


The intention you set does need to correlate with your life theme and specific soul journey in your here and Now. Often times, when we first decide on a desire, we use the power of thought as a way of bringing this to our attention.

We first think about what we desire most, then we are able to set our intention.

This can be stated out loud with purpose, or written down. The goal of intention is to express how or what you desire will be of the most benefit to you, others, and the positive outcome as anticipated for the betterment of all involved.

Once we have thought about our manifestation desire and stated it clearly with intention, we are ready to visualize this reality with gratitude. We can use the mind’s eye to bring this clearly into our vision field. Like a movie, we can play out the scenes or outcome in our mind.

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Another way to visualize is with a “vision or dream” board. This is when you use pictures or phrases on a poster, in order to clarify the outcome of what you wish to bring forward in your reality. What you are picturing or paraphrasing needs to be that “which already happened.” It is with complete faith, trust, and gratitude that you bring all things to fruition.


The last and most important action is to thank the universe and source creator for that which you have already received. Gratitude is the driving force to experiencing blessings and for “good will” to continue to those who are the most appreciative for that which they are gifted with.

This also ties in with the energy of abundance that you send out into the universe and will come back to you with MORE of what you are sending out.


Some common reasons for self-sabatoge with manifesting is impatience, ill-intention, negativity, or revisiting your “idea” with analytical and ever-changing agendas.

Once you have your thought, stated your intention, used visualization with gratitude, you are done! There is nothing more to do, but to let it go and trust that what you most desire, is on its way in divine timing.

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Godspeed and happy manifesting,