Astral projection is the act of consciously leaving your physical body to experience as a spirit on the astral plane – what is commonly known as an out of body experience, or OBE.

There is a lot of hard work involved in achieving this goal, but there are some amazing benefits of astral projection that can really improve your life.

If you’re willing to put the time and effort in to get there, of course.

So if you are thinking about embarking on a journey towards astral projection, but aren’t sure what benefits doing so might bring, then you’re in luck:

Benefits Of Astral Projection | You Will No Longer Fear Death

As human beings, we are cursed with the knowledge that we will some day die, leaving our bodies behind. Whatever our belief system, we have a hard time getting over our fear of death.

But when we leave our body during astral projection, it becomes abundantly clear to us that death is not something to be feared.

Life after death is an abstract concept to us until we experience first hand what that will be like.

Once we do, death becomes less frightening as we know that it is not the end for us. We’ve seen where we will go, so death becomes just the start of another journey for our soul.

You Will Gain Greater Appreciation For Life

Just because you no longer fear death does not mean that you will lose your attachment to life.

In fact, your appreciation for the miracle of life will increase tenfold as the weight of your mortality is lifted from your shoulders.

Without the fear of death, we are free to enjoy our time on Earth as physical beings and to make the most of every moment.

The restraints of life on the physical plane will become less like restrictions and more like a set of challenges to overcome.

And with increased vigour, we will meet those challenges head-on.

Your Mental & Physical Health Will Improve

This increased vigour comes not only from the release of mortal fear but also from the side effects of the practice we must undertake to achieve an OBE.

During practice, we learn the ins and outs of our physical and astral bodies, becoming intimately familiar with the energies that bind them together.

With the greater control over our physical selves that this allows us, we are better able to sleep, exercise and take proper care of our bodies.

And a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.

You Will Understand The Universe On A More Intuitive Level

Finally, the most significant benefit comes from the experience being one of education.

By seeing reality from a new perspective, we gain tremendous insight into the form the universe has taken.

The abstract concepts we understand through spiritual living suddenly become concreted and intensely apparent.

Many of us harbour doubts about the spiritual world and our place within it. Those doubts do not survive the process of astral projection.

We get to see the spiritual world with our own eyes.

So those are the benefits of astral projection. Good luck on your journey – you are in for one of the most special and unique experiences available to any of us.