Andromedan are beings of light that incarnate into a human body.

The Andromedans are beings from Andromeda, who have incarnated on Earth in order to assist humanity through the ascension process by helping them raise their consciousness levels and vibratory frequencies.

They are also known as lightworkers since they work diligently towards raising the vibration of all life on earth.

Andromedan starseeds have many traits that set them apart from other people; this article will explore these traits and how you can recognize if you are an andromedan starseed.

Who Are The Andromedans?

Andromedan starseeds are high dimensional beings, even high as the 12th dimension.

They are very beautiful souls with a loving nature, we know that all starseeds have compassionate nature, but Andromedans push it to the next level.

They are souls with a harmonious vibration and they don’t have any negative feelings or thoughts.

Andromedans are very advanced souls and their energy can be felt from far away.

Andromedan starseeds represent the unconditional love, kindness, and purity that is needed in this world to make it a better place for everyone.

They bring peace and harmony wherever they go. Andromedans are not only loving souls, they also have wisdom and knowledge about universal laws that help to keep things in balance for the universe as it expands and continues its transformation into a higher frequency of being.

Andromedans have an amazing ability to see the truth and they are not afraid of what is coming.

Andromedan starseeds love adventure, exploration, discovering new places that bring them joy.

They enjoy spending time with their loved ones in nature or at home being content together.

Andromedans need a lot of space to be happy and they are not afraid of change.

However, above everything, they would do anything for those that they care for deeply.

Where Do The Andromedan Starseeds Come From?

So where do these beautiful souls come from? As the name would imply, they are from the Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral-shaped galaxy, and it’s about 2.537 million light-years from Earth.

Andromeda is also our neighbor and the nearest galaxy. Scientists are saying that Andromeda and The Milky Way are headed towards each other and will collide in approximately 4 billion years.

Andromeda is very bright, and it’s possible to see with the naked eye if you know where to look.

We don’t know the exact location where Amdromedans come from in the galaxy, but what we do know is that they are souls with a mission of service to the galaxy.

What Do The Andromedans Look Like?

We don’t know have any information on how Andromedans look like on their home planet, but what we do know is that they can take on many different human appearances.

They are mostly slim and have a hard time putting on weight. When it comes to hairstyles they are not afraid to stand out with their funky and creative hairstyles.

Andromedans are also well-known for having great fashion sense, they love to dress up in all the latest trends.

Most Andromedans will never have any major health problems or a need for surgery. They are very healthy creatures with impeccable immune systems.

Andromedan Starseed Traits

If you don’t know if you resonate with this starseed, then these traits can help you recognize if you are one:

They are Rebels

If there is one trait that stands out, then it’s this one. They are known to be rebellious against any government laws and do what feels right to them.

Andromedans are also known for being very spiritual and don’t believe in materialism.

They have a strong sense of justice

Every Andromedan is searching for the truth, they want to know why bad things happen to good people. They will never stop until they figure out their truth and live an authentic life.

They are always looking to grow and improve themselves

For Andromedans, growth is the most important thing in their lives. They never stop being curious about who they are and what they can become.

And as long as they’re on that journey of self-discovery then nothing will ever stand still for too long.

They always want to know the truth about everything

Andromedans are very knowledgeable, they’re never afraid of asking questions and will do their research until they find what’s right for them.

And when it comes to life choices Andromedans make sure that they don’t regret anything in the future because there is nothing more dangerous than regrets.

They are leaders and warriors, Andromedans always have a strong sense of justice, which is why they make great leaders and warriors.

They will never give up until the mission has been accomplished or there’s nothing left to fight for anymore.

They are Freedom Seekers

They are freedom seekers, you will never see them stuck in a cubicle in a meaningless job. Andromedans are always on the move and looking for fresh adventures.

They don’t want to feel stuck in a routine that they can’t break out of, so Andromedans will do anything it takes to find peace with themselves.

They are travelers

Andromedans love to travel, they are always on the lookout for new adventures and will go wherever their curiosity takes them.

Andromedans love exploring different cultures and learning about other religions.

Lack confidence

Although they look like they can handle any situation, truth be told they are broken and lack confidence. Andromedans are always doubting themselves and their skills.

It doesn’t stop them from doing what they love to do, but it can be a burden for others who don’t know the real person underneath all that self-doubt.

Don’t like commitments

They hate being told or the need to do something because they are freedom seekers and they will do what feels right for them. Andromedans prefer to be free and open-minded.


They are very selfless, putting the needs of others before their own. Andromedans are very caring and compassionate, which shows in their actions.

Drawn to Ancient Civilization

Most of them are drawn to ancient civilizations, Andromedans find it important to learn about the past.

They also believe that by doing so they can better understand and connect with their ancient ancestors as well as uncovering a deeper understanding of themselves.

Drawn to nature

Many of them are drawn to nature because Andromedans are nature lovers. Andromedan starseeds love to be outdoors and exploring nature in all its glory.

Andromedans Energy

Andromedan energy is very beautiful since they are high dimensional beings, they have a high vibrational frequency.

Andromedans are very gentle, loving, and caring people.

Andromedan starseeds use a lot of crystals in their energy field which can be seen as light or rainbow colors coming off them when they speak or move around the room.

Andromedans often give off an aura that is golden with an indigo hue to it.

How Can Andromedans Stay Grounded?

So, how can Andromedans stay grounded? Andromedans enjoy nature and it is best for them to spend time outside.

Andromedan starseeds need a lot of fresh air, so they should go on walks or hikes often.

Andromedans also love being in the ocean because they feel that the water is soothing to their soul and helps them stay grounded with Mother Earth.

Andromedans love being around animals and plants, so they should spend time in the garden or with animals to keep them grounded as well.

Andromedans are in their element when they are exploring nature and connecting with the elements.

Andromedans Gifts

Andromedan’s gift to humanity is their knowledge and their ability to help others grow.

Andromedans also have a unique connection with animals who often trust them without any hesitation.

They also have the gift of being able to tap into the Akashic Records and have a deep understanding of spiritual wisdom.

Andromedans are also healers, they can help others with their physical bodies as well as their emotions.

Andromedans often possess psychic abilities which makes them very special beings in this reality and with this gift they help others on their spiritual journeys.

Andromedan starseeds also have the ability to see into other realities or dimensions with great clarity.

Andromedan Starseed Mission

The andromedan starseed mission on earth is to be a guide for people because they are freedom seekers and want people to be free.

Andromedans believe that a person should do what they want to do and be who they are without any interference from others.

Andromedan starseeds have the mission of being healers and teachers, here on earth it is their job to teach people about the universe.

Andromedans are often drawn to this type of work because they love helping people grow and understand who they are as human beings on this planet.

Andromedan starseeds also hold the knowledge in their DNA that will help humanity evolve if we change our ways.

They believe that when others understand how knowledge can help them, it will give them the opportunity to evolve.

Andromedans often have a deep connection with animals because they are very in tune with nature and love Mother Earth’s creatures.

They believe that by loving these beings on earth we can better understand what is going wrong on this planet.

Andromedan starseeds have a deep sense of responsibility which is often why they are drawn to working with animals or on environmental causes.

They believe in justice, equality, peace-making, and non-violence.


The Andromedan starseeds have been described as highly evolved souls who are here to guide humanity in the right direction.

They’re also said to be able to see future and past events, which is a powerful ability that can help us better understand what may happen or has happened to our world.