Are you always hell bound on making someone’s day? Can you not stand the sight of someone sulking in sadness? Do you consider helping the human race your divine duty?

Despite this inherent urge to carry out all these Samaritan acts, do you feel out of place — like you don’t belong on this planet? Are you easily approachable or do people find it easy to open up to you without feeling insecure and vulnerable? If so, you fit the profile of an empath.

Empaths are exceptionally good human beings, but they don’t just acclimatise to any random profession. They must find a line of work that appeals to them most— something that blends business with humanity.


Empaths are nurturers, and what better way to nurture and care for the diseased than to keep the firsthand eye on them.

Nurses are one of the best career choices for an empath. Empaths already possess a natural instinct to help out others — an attribute that a nurse must have, and can fulfil the requirements of this job with a huge smile on their faces.


Psychologist get to listen to the queries of so many people afflicted with depression and other mental issues. Tending to others and comforting them with their words is one of the fundamental attributes of an empath. That is why this profession comes easy to them.

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Empaths have undergone periods of mental strain themselves, and can relate to the mental problems of others relatively well.


Empaths are no less than art themselves. If they can translate their thoughts and their vivd imaginations into words, they can become exceptional writers. Their words can reach to millions of people throughout the globe and they can change their lives.

Many renowned writers with dozens of international best sellers to their names are empaths.

Musician/ lyricist

Music, like writing is something that requires a mind and soul drenched in the rippling waters of sadness and happiness. If you have an inborn love for the human race, you can use it as a medium to connect with them, and comfort them with your harmonious tones and heart-wrenching words.

Music is the one thing that makes the existence of sadness ephemeral. You can only weed out sadness from someone’s heart if you’ve dealt  it yourself, and empaths so have.

Life coach

Empaths want people to reach their optimal states. They want them to realise their true potentials. Whether your profession is related to finance or medicine, they are in pole position to give you the best advice and to help you progress in your fields.

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A life coach possessing empathic tendencies is one hell of a combination.

Guidance counselor

Empaths always have the best interests of people at heart.  Everyone needs guidance, especially students who haven’t reached the age to realise their true talents. Empaths can inspire these lost children to become valuable members of this society.

They can guide their minds in the direction. They are highly perceptive and can easily judge what profession is suitable for a student. A guidance counselor is a great profession for an emapth.