False Twin Flame Characteristics | The 7 Signs You Should Look Out For

When you are looking for your twin flame, there’s a possibility that you encounter the false twin flame on the way.

It is the relationship that seems quite similar to the genuine flame connection, but in reality, there’s a big difference.

The true relationship nurtures your soul, while the false one only drains your energy. The false twin feeds on your energy without you realising.

Many unique false twin flame characteristics will help you to distinguish the true from fake very quickly.

False Twin Flame Characteristics:

Here are the top false twin flame characteristics:

More Sexual than Spiritual:

The true twin flame relationship is present at soul level. It is spiritual as well as a sexual connection.

But, the false relationship is more about sex. You want to be with the person all the time, and the physical contact matters a lot for you both.

Separations and Diversions:

In a true twin relationship, there is a phase of separation, but once twins come together, it is for forever.

There is no separation, playing with emotions, and then going away, like in the false relationship.

The wrong twin will feed on your energy, and when they feel full, they leave with an excuse, and when they again feel the thirst, they come back to you to drain you.

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The Manipulation Game:

The false twins know how to play this game and win it. They manipulate you on an emotional and physical level.

You don’t find them around when you need them. There are times when there are no calls or emails at all; but many times, they show that it is hard for them to live without you for even a second.

Dream Invasion:

The false twins will appear in your dream often. It seems like they travel in your dream for real. In fact, these dreams hold the profound message for you about their reality.

When you wake up and try to understand what the dream was about, you feel more drained.

Never Open Up:

The true twin flame relationship has a deep soul connection. In it, there are no veils and curtains.

Both twins open up in front of each other at soul level; they understand each other’s emotions.

But the false twins never open up and keep the true emotion to themselves. They do that so you cannot see their correct form.


In the true twin relationship, there is no obsession but only care and understanding. But when you are with the false twin, you feel obsessed with every matter.

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One-Sided Awakening:

The twins come together for awakening. It occurs on both ends. But in the false twin relationship, it is a one-sided matter.

The false twins guide others how to awaken spiritually but never try to do anything on their own.

A Jealous Twin:

When you get successful, a false twin will make you feel guilty about it because they are not happy with what you have achieved.

On the other hand, the real twin will be happier than you over your success.

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