Many of you may have heard of the concept that we are sleeping and that it is time for us to wake up, I am here to shed light on this idea.

Inherent within the workings of nature there are cycles and patterns, rhythm’s and rhymes, a great example of this is the seasons which come around like clockwork, bringing with them different qualities and purposes, like day and night.


These patterns are echoed within the cosmos and in the evolution of consciousness. This current period in human history has been like the time of the night. This is the dark night of the soul and is integral to humanities growth as evolving beings.

During this time of darkness, the planet has been ravaged with war, disease, famine, gross inequality, environmental destruction and many other ‘problems’.

During this time on a personal level many of us have been filled with anger, depression, anxiety and hopelessness. Our relationships are often rocky and tumultuous and there is a general distrust amongst people on a wider scale.

Like with the seasons there are different stages in the evolution of human consciousness, and one of these stages is experiencing the darkness. The darkness provides the necessary catalyst for humanity to grow its roots so it is then ready to reach towards the light.

During this time the darkness has dominion over life like the cold and dark during the winter. The darkness orchestrates life so lots of dark and evil things take place. The darkness has had the power to manipulate people and make them do heinous things.

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This is a time of fear, of horror and revulsion as we witness murder on a daily basis, where many of the worlds masses live in abject poverty, there is slavery, human trafficking, acid attacks, mass murder on a grand scale through war.

As an evolving soul these are some of the toughest experiences we have been through but as it’s been said “smooth seas do not make for skilful sailors” and by passing through the darkness we reach the light, by journeying through hell we reach heaven.

We are just reaching the end of the night and if you look for it in songs you will see so many references to it. This is the time for the GOlDen dawn of humanity, where the light returns and a glorious new day is born.

The day is everything the night is not and as the light returns so does love. It is a time for unity, universal kinship, and working together for the greater good.

Like during the winter solstice when the darkness reaches its maximum power the light returns, so too is the darkest hour the one before dawn. The darkness has now lost its grip of power on us and we are free to merge once again with the light.

As the people become empowered and enlightened we will put an end to the ravages of the night.

Humanity will become a functioning whole like a greater body that is working towards creating something bigger than its own selves.

Yet like the seed if we began directly in the light it would scorch us because we were not ready, yet now we have grown our roots and are beginning to push out of the darkness and into the light.

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Like the light helps the plant grow so too does it with us, the light provides us with warmth and energy, and the darkness gives us the stability to stand tall.


We are the bringers of the dawn and our light (which is knowledge) can be that which helps light more than just our own paths, we can help illuminate the world.

We wanted the very best and that’s why we went through the very worst. We are an ambitious and adventurous group that has no fear about experiencing fear. We marched with our held high into the darkness with an unstoppable drive to serve Life. By going through a place of evil we created in the universe the room for good.

Those who serve the universe become masters of the universe, because when you serve the universe, the universe serves you.

A planet that is awakened to the vibration of love is a magical time and place to be alive, congratulations what you have in store will deliver so much more than what came before.

It will be impossible to ignore forever more the glory of our story. Light and Dark dancing together in the ark, a grey baby is born out of the storm, delivering us something out of the norm.

This guest post was written by Wayne Moss, you can find out more here:

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash