Have you ever met someone for the first time and asked yourself “I’m sure I’ve met this person before, they seem so familiar,” yet your conscious fully acknowledges that this is your first encounter.

There may be a chapter in your life where you’re path crossed with an amazing soul and as you hung out at a local coffee shop talking for endless hours you’re eyes seemed to recognise each other.


All the pieces just seemed to fit into place and it felt like you have known each other for a lot longer.  What if this was a definite possibility and the person sitting across was the incarnation of your soul mate.

Perhaps you have lived through lifetimes together and in each story your paths would always cross. What if it was by fate that your meeting was inevitable and like a broken vinyl record it will keep repeating until the righteous move has been made.

It is believed that soul mates agree to incarnate on this earthly plain to assist one another in learning a lesson and it can take several life times until the teaching has been taught.

Once the contract is fulfilled the balance of karma is restored and the two souls depart either way to achieve something much greater in their lives whilst growing as people.

That familiarity that someone just “gets you” becomes forever more prevalent the more you spend time with them and your soul reaches out to embrace them because it knows only too well of whom has entered your life once more.

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When everything seems so perfect we become blindsided when in one instance something so secure falls apart. Every person you meet, every place you go and every situation you experience all has its reason and place in your story.

Often history repeats itself until whatever you are facing is dealt in the right way and you can walk away wiser, humbler and stronger.  If it doesn’t work out it just wasn’t meant to be and the chapter you were living has been read.

It’s time to read on and embark on a voyage of new possibilities filled with magic and miracles.  Your soul mate isn’t necessarily the individual you were destined to spend your life with.

They were a teacher here to assist you on your journey of personal growth so that you may propel yourself further and climb higher mountains to success.


It was believed in the old ages that when God first created a soul he would split it in half so that it could experience and explore spirituality and duality in either essence.

The soul was then separated and placed on either ends of the world.  They then became two halves to each other’s whole and like magnets they would be drawn to each other no matter how far and wide they were placed.

The similarity of their energy always seemed to recognise one another and it was inevitable that in one of their births they would reunite like the ying meeting the yang.  When they would meet they would stare into each other’s eyes and see a reflection of themselves.

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Twin flame’s share striking similarities in regards to passions, dreams, interests, morals and beliefs and it is as if their minds are connected telepathically.

The connection is undeniable between these two souls and even though they share so much in common their relationships can prove difficult at times as they are so similar.


However, due to the unconditional love and bond they share their relationship can stand all tests of time.  They will become an ultimate power couple elevating one another whilst keep each other grounded.

They will believe in one another’s dreams and push them until they fulfil it filling one another with hope.  Through just being themselves and loving one another they will inspire and humble those who surround them as their authenticity and energy will be easily recognisable.

It is believed that the soul mates we meet along the journey of our lives guide us in the right direction pushing us further towards our twin flame.

When a relationship doesn’t work out and you learn something from it smile and be thankful that you are one step closer to meeting your twin flame.

Through the various trials and tribulations each soul experiences they both raise like a phoenix from its flame and when the moment arises where they stand across the room from each other they will recognise the fire and pull that will lead them both into a supernova.

Kind Regards,

By: Sahil Sharma M.Arch, B.Arch