One of the most ancient symbols in human history is the Flower of Life.

It has been found on every continent and it can be seen all over the world, from Africa to Europe to Asia to North America. The flower of life symbolizes the embodiment of life itself.

The flower of life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. This sacred geometry starts with the seeds of life shapes—overlapping circles that build outwards to form a flower-like shape.

It is a two-dimensional shape that consists of 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles.

What does the flower life symbolize spiritually?

The Flower of Life symbolizes the values, truths, and mysteries that are inherent in life. It is a signifier for mother nature herself. It signifies that everything around us comes from a seed just as everything in our body and on earth has a seed of life.

It also represents love, life, and the power of creation. It is at the heart of all life on Earth—including you!

It is has been known to be used in many cultures around the world and it is the basic template form of the universe.

Flower of Life Spiritual Symbolism

The flower of life is represented in different shapes in different cultures. I will explain below the meaning of each shape, so you get a better understanding of the spiritual meaning.

Flower of Life

We know that the flower of life is a two-dimensional shape containing 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles which are spaced out in six-fold symmetry and it looks a lot like a flower.

If you look at the image above you can see and feel that this geometry represents perfection and harmony. This shape is represented in many cultures including the pagans.

For them, this shape symbolizes the fundamental forms of time and space. Not only that, but it also symbolizes the cycles of birth and death.

The flower of life is a universal concept that has been around for almost as long as we have existed on this planet.

It’s one of those symbols which transcends time, race, religion, or culture because its meaning is so deeply embedded in human consciousness.

It represents Universal love

It also represents universe love because of the interconnection of circles within geometry, above all, it represents how we are interconnected with each other in many ways than we know.

Universal love is important in our lives because it is something we can all relate to.

It is, in simplest terms, love without conditions or judgment.

This type of love flows through the flower of life and connects us with one another energetically.

It represents Unity

The flower of life symbolizes unity in all life because of the seven overlapping circles in the center. The circles hold each other together within the circumference of the shape, showing that life should be seen as a whole and not broken down into pieces.

The flower of life is an amazing universal symbol because it represents how everything we see around us can be viewed from many different perspectives.

It’s like a puzzle with no solution.

This is one of the reasons why it has been a part of almost every culture in history because everyone can make sense or find their own meaning in this shape.

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It’s universally beautiful and pure just like Universal love, yet complex enough to be interpreted as many different things by many different people.

Seed of Life

In this formation where the seven inner circles are placed in six-fold symmetry. The geometry forms the basic element of the whole design.

As the name would suggest this geometry symbolizes the creation of life, and in Christianity and Judaism, this stands for the 7 days for creation.

  • The seed of life is also the universal symbol of creation. The name of this pattern is in reference to the belief that life first emerged from a seed.
  • The Seed of Life is by far one of the most recognizable symbols representing both human evolution and creation as well as all living organisms on Earth.
  • In Hinduism, this pattern symbolizes the seven chakras
  • while in Buddhism it symbolizes consciousness, the cognitive power—the seed of enlightenment.

The Seed of Life has been said to represent many things throughout history but one thing remains consistent; creation.

It’s a universal pattern that can be found across cultures and religions alike because all living organisms share this same basic shape which we see as the seed.

Tree of Life

The tree of life is closely connected to the flower of life because they are both symbols of the universe and life.

The tree represents how everything is connected, humans are rooted in this world, as well as animals on earth; it also encourages people to live a meaningful life.

The flower in the tree symbolizes creation and life because it’s always growing and it’s most powerful when it is in full bloom.

This tree of life symbol is also be a representation of different stages in our lives—rooted at birth, roots grow as we age and the branches branch out to represent how life changes with each season.

The tree of life may be a metaphor for how people should live their lives because there are always new things to learn or discover.

In the Kabbalah, this tree is believed to be a depiction of the different aspects of God. It also symbolizes the idea of common descent for all life on Earth.

Fruit of Life

This sacred geometry is composed of 13 circles, and if we look at the flower of life geometry closely, we can find this shape easily. The fruit of life represents the blueprint of the Universe.

The thirteen circles represent the sacred pattern of the universe. It’s basically the origin of everything that exists and includes the base of every design, whether it’s molecular, atom, or even lifeform.

It can also be seen as an arrangement or connection between all the energy centers that constitute one’s being and their physical body.

The fruit of life symbolizes the way we are connected to each other by our soul’s eternal journey through time and space—from life before birth to life after death and beyond.

The fruit of life sacred geometry also lays the basis of all the center circles for the Metatrons Cube, if you observe keenly.

Metatron’s Cube

If lines connect the center of every circle in the ‘fruit of life’ design then it can form the Metatron’s cube. The five platonic solids are revealed by this geometry, platonic solids refer to one of the regular solids.

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Which are:

  • Star Tetrahedron
  • Hexahedron or cube
  • Octahedron
  • Dodecahedron
  • Icosahedron

In spiritual terms, these shapes are perceived as the templates forms that have given birth to all life forms. They are the five building blocks for all organisms, and some believe that they are the building blocks for all matter in the universe.

The Metatron cube spiritually symbolizes the blueprint of creation, the development of consciousness, and spirituality.

It’s not only a powerful symbol but it also contains a lot of meaning and energy.

Flower of life meaning in Buddhism

The flower of life meaning in Buddhism is the symbol of wisdom. It can be the symbol for rebirth, and it is believed that if a person meditates on this symbol, they will achieve enlightenment.

Apart from that, the flower of life meaning in Buddhism is also a symbol of wholeness.

These meanings combined with their shape give the flower of life an additional spiritual significance in Buddhist teachings.

Flower of life meaning in Christianity

The flower of life meaning in Christianity refers to the flower of life’s connection with God. It is believed that our lives are living illustrations of the infinite love and knowledge of a creator.

The flower of life meaning in Christianity also represents all things being connected by their common source: God (or whatever you may refer to as the creator).

Flower of Life in Ancient Egypt

Not only is the flower of life a fascinating ancient symbol. The oldest depiction of this sacred geometry was found in the temple of Osiris in Egypt and dates back to almost 6000 years.

This is possibly the oldest known example of the flower of life. Could the flower of life originate from Egypt? We just don’t know.

Flower of life meaning tattoo

Using the above information you can decipher the meaning behind the flower of life.

However, if you looking to get a tattoo of one, then it symbolizes the following:

  • Creation
  • Protection
  • Health and healing
  • The flower of life symbolizes the unity of all living things
  • The connection between heaven and earth

Having a tattoo of this ancient mystical symbol may help you to become more centered and grounded in your life.

The flower of life is an ancient symbol that has been used since the beginning of time by many cultures around Earth for different purposes. It’s a timeless piece of art that can be made into tattoos or paintings.

Flower of Life Tattoo examples

There are many types of flower of life tattoos. Here are some examples:

Flower of Life Found throughout The World

The flower of life can be found in these locations:

  • Temple of Osiris, Abydos, Egypt
  • City of Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey
  • In the Mosque-cathedral, Córdoba, Spain.
  • The Galilee and in Mesada, Israel.
  • Amritsar, Buddhist temples
  • Hampi in India.
  • In the Forbidden City
  • In Japanese temples


The flower of life is a symbol that can help you connect with universal source energy and find your way back home. It’s an ancient pattern and one that resonates deeply within us all.

We hope these insights resonate with you as well!