The Hidden Meaning Behind The Color Of Your Eye

We are all different, so is the color of our eyes. The color of our eye depends on the amount and type of pigment in the eye’s iris. According to research it is an inherited trait influenced by many genes. Eye colors differ from the least common, green to the most common color, brown.

Other unusual and very rare color includes red, black, or violet and they are from a rare genetic mutation. Some people say that the color of the eye could give you a sign of that person’s personality. Listed below is the meaning of different eye colors.

The Meaning Behind The Color Of Your Eye

1. Blue Eyes

Blue eye means that the person is forceful and direct; someone who has substantial energy, plus a gift for insight and observation.

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2. Green Eyes

Green eyes means a compassionate person who is full of energy, they are creative along with the gift of healing.

3. Gray Eyes

Gray eyes signifies a sensitive and restrained person who is attuned to the unseen and their ability puts them several steps ahead of the crowd.

meaning behind the color of your eye

4. Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes may suggest a strong and independent person.

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5. Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes has the combined traits of other colors. It has the healing and compassion of green, sensitivity and fluidity of gray, the independence and inner strength of brown and the intense vitality of blue. Hazel eyes signify a person who can represent all of these qualities.

6. Black Eyes

People with black eyes may signify a sensual, clever and secretive person.

7. Violet Eyes

People with violet eyes are noble and refined person who is both a seeker of truth and a natural leader.

Science does have a different meaning behind the color of your eye. It can vary in color and strength, but our eyes have been our best asset, it is the jewel of the body and the window of our emotions.


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