The Process Of Kundalini Awakening

What is the kundalini awakening process? In the yogic traditions it is believed that kundalini is the known universal life energy which lies inactive in all of us until eventually awakened. Professionals of Kundalini yoga consider this energy already exists in the first chakra, at the root of your spine, formed as a coil like a serpent.

Kundalini awakening process very much known to bring about a powerful spiritual, physical and emotional cleansing, which helps you accomplish a higher state of spiritual consciousness. However there doesn’t seem to be any scientific research about the results of kundalini energy.



Advocates of Kundalini yoga think the aim of the Kundalini awakening process would be to wake up the sleeping serpent at the bottom of one’s spine to achieve heightened spiritual, mental as well as physical well being. When the kundalini process is carried out incorrectly, there may be dangers and unpleasant energy surge which can be harmful rather than beneficial.

Whenever kundalini awakening process is successful, then kundalini energy flows up through the spine and onto the crown of one’s head, which has many psychological and physical benefits.kundalini awakening process

Inactive Compared to Active Kundalini Awakening

When awakening our Kundalini energy it can be inactive or active undertaking. If you choose to awaken your Kundalini, the process will require you to seek help from someone who know how to do it, as breathing, meditation and the practice of asana is detailed and needs constant monitoring to be safe.

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It is not completely understood how this awakening happens on a self-generated level, but I do believe it is actually more authentic and the better way to go about it, as these things always happen in their own time in their own way. In the past it has been said and noted that self-generated Kundalini awakening has taken place through some kind of emotional or physical trauma, often when the participant has narrowly escaped death.

Kundalini Awakening Process Tips

Meditation For Kundalini Awakening

It is very important to be safe when activating your Kundalini energy, so be in a safe place, preferably with a helper close by and sit quietly without interruption and focus your energy on your spiritual energy inside you. Slowly welcome that energy to make its way up your spine towards the top of your head. It is important to visualize this sacred Kundalini energy and actually see it rising within you. Make sure you are not distracted into thinking about your every day thoughts, and keep your focus on your spiritual Kundalini energy.

kundalini awakening process meditation

Breathing Work

Use breathing work while you are meditating, try asanas or other activities that won’t need all of your concentration. Always inhale, exhale from your belly right the way through your mouth and breathe deeply to activate your female and male energy.

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Kundalini can be raised by chanting or quiet devotion to Source/universe by honing your focus and pushing your focus inward. Don’t try to pray for anything, and then it will be from your ego and materialistic thoughts. Instead pray for a better understanding with Source.



Asanas To Assist Kundalini Awakening

There are a sequence of Asanas not unlike Hatha Yoga that assist you with Kundalini Yoga, there are more poses involved and they require you to move your arms and legs more. The purpose of this is to help generate extra body heat and freedom of movement.kundalini awakening process 2

Tantrism in Relation to Kundalini

Our root chakra is in close proximity to where our Kundalini lives, we have so much energy and Tantrism can help free it up. The blending of our Kundalini energy and that of our root chakra, supplies intense images that assists in allowing the process to happen. You will find a rewarding outcome if both people have an understanding of Tantrism and are working together in Awakening their Kundalini.

Have you experienced a kundalini awakening? If you have please let us know in the comments.



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