The Lemon Message

Have any of you realised how beneficial and helpful the lemon is when kept in a transparent glass of water, what it does? Here is the lemon message.

By keeping a whole lemon in a glass of water we come to know about the negative or positive vibes in our homes or workplace wherever it’s kept. If the lemon floats, be assured that there is positive around and in case the lemon sinks to the bottom then it’s a bit of concern for you as there is negativity around.

What To Watch Out For

If the lemon bursts in water then the negativity was too much for the lemon to handle and after absorbing the negativity the lemon burst.

In case the water becomes milky that means the negativity is being absorbed by the water.

Where To Place Your Lemon

Keep the lemon glass water facing the entrance from inside the home or business. Each time a visitor comes home or a client/customers enters the business place whatever negativity or evil eye they have the lemon absorbs it and your place is safe from negative attacks.If there is a negative attack in case the lemon was floating up it will sink below and a milky substance will get formed in the clear water.

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Lemon Water Maintenance

The lemon should be added to the clean glass with clean, fresh water every Saturday. But in case you find that the lemon has got rotten or has burst then at once throw away the lemon in garbage add clean fresh water to the glass and add new lemon.

The lemon slowly starts absorbing and trying to dissolve the negativity in the water. Hence it slowly turns milky and eventually rots or bursts midway.

Remember to only use transparent glass so that you can see the happenings clearly. Avoid using transparent plastic cups as in case negativity is too much then even the glass will land up with a crack which is an indication of too much negativity.

  • Lemon tries to absorb the negativity.
  • Water tries to cleanse the negativity.
  • Glass tries to repel the negativity.

Please Note

For the first two or three months maybe the lemon will only sink to the bottom, do not worry as it is in fact working and trying to absorb the negativity around.

After some time once your lemon floats up and you find suddenly it is sinking to the bottom then there are chances that you are upset and it has understood your feelings.

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At times you can add a small handful of salt as that too is helpful and will help in eliminating the negativity.

 Written by Riva


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