Some people are divinely gifted. They possess colossal hearts, capable of uplifting the spirits of, even the most decrepit souls.

They bring love and light to the world, courtesy of their magnanimity. Even when their cerebral demons haunt them, they selflessly struggle for those in need.

The primary intent of their existence is to help those who have lost their way and have landed them in a territory ― devoid of love.

They might get dispirited along the way when life treats them harshly, but even in these harrowing times, they refuse to let love and positivity inside of them, wither away.

People who have a heart of gold are an asset to the world.

If you’re a gold-hearted person, you might exhibit the following signs.

You help people regardless of their tainted pasts

You’re non-judgmental, and the only role you play in the lives of others is that of a healer.

You don’t care for what sinister things a person has done in the past. You always give them the benefit of the doubt, and endlessly struggle to find a safe haven for them.

That is why you people who are empty and broken are often attracted towards you. You’re a salvation that they were always in pursuit of, and now that they’ve found you, they don’t want to let you go.

You’re extraordinarily forgiving

Mercy is one of your most distinct qualities. It’s also one of your weaknesses because it makes you vulnerable to manipulative people who don’t hesitate to take your goodness for granted.

Even though you end up getting hurt, because of your forgiving personality, you feel content that, at least you were on the righteous path.

You never regret your decisions and are always willing to do what’s best for humanity, even if it means getting hurt in the process.

You never hold a grudge

You can’t stay mad at someone for long, even if they’ve been extremely rude to you.

You are well aware of the damaging effects of hatred on the soul. You’d rather preserve your loving originality than poison yourself with the hatred of others.

Vengeance is a big NO for you

You don’t believe in revenge. Getting back at someone is a primitive concept to you.

You know that people are mean to each other because life compels them to be so, sometimes.

You understand their reasons for being malevolent, even though they fail to understand them. You see beauty in them at times, when, at times, they act hideously.

You’re mentally resilient

Even though you get hurt quite frequently, your ability to bounce back from your sorrows is second to none.

You’re sensitive and emotionally vulnerable, but you’re strong. Your mental resilience and doggedness help you retain your loving tendencies.

A person having a heart of gold is a blessing. We should appreciate the efforts of such people, instead of making them feel unwanted. Our encouragement can further help them boost their loving capabilities.