If you’ve ever wondered what the half moon shape on your nail means? We have the answer.

The white area around your nail is a sensitive and important part of the structure of the nail, and it must not be damaged.


It is called the lunula, which means ‘little moon’ in Latin. The half moon part is white because the fifth basal layer of the epidermis ‘hides’ the blood vessels that lie underneath. It is the most visible on the thumb, and some people have more noticeable lunula than others.


This is because for some people, the eponychium which is the thickened layer of skin surrounding your fingernails and toenails may be partially or completely covered by the ‘half moon.’

This part of the nail is the visible part of the nails root, and should not be damaged. If you damage it, your entire nail will be deformed. What’s even more interesting about it, is that in alternative medicine it is believed that the lunula can reveal important things about your overall health.


In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the lack of lunula means the person has anemia and diabetes. If the person has a lunula with a reddish stain, they may be suffering from cardiovascular diseases. A lack of lunula or a very small lunula indicates ingestion that can happen because of a small metabolism and high amounts of toxins in the body.

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Another thought about the lunula in traditional Chinese medicine is that the less lunula you have, the less energy you have. If you have no lunula at all, it means you are suffering from malnutrition.


Having 8 to 10 lunulas with a whitish color on both hands means that you are a healthy person. The whiter the lunula is, the stronger the person, and the person probably is energetic. If you only have lunula on your thumbs and no other fingers, you lack physical energy and you might get sick often.

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