Cats are renowned for their wit and Machiavellian schemes. So, it’s only fair that we mortals come up with names for them that can do justice to their intelligence.

I mean, cats are always doing something to amuse us and make our day, even though most of their actions are habitual and somewhat unintentional.

In spirituality, cats hold a significant place. Mythology has provided us many catchy cat names.

I’m pretty sure you’re here to find a unique and extra special name for your cat that makes an instant impression on your fellow pet owners.

Well, to help you in this regard, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous spiritual cat names from spiritual mythology.

But before that, let us give you some pointers to choose the perfect spiritual name for your cat, based on a variety of factors.

How to Choose the Best Spiritual Cat Names

Depending on the personality or traits of your cat, its appropriate name might vary.

For instance, if your cat is an orphan or comes from abject poverty, then it deserves a name, such as Charon, who was a ferryman responsible for delivering lost souls.

Sometimes, ancestral heritage come into play when naming a cat. Some cat owners especially name their cats after an ancestor, paying homage to the lineage of the cat. For example, a cat named

Ares probably means that it was the son Zeus or Hyperion.

A physical characteristic can also sometimes decide the name of a cat. If your cat has an atrophied limb, then you can give him the name of a spiritual deity who lacked complete limbs. Also, cats

can be named after Frejya the Norse Goddess of sex, if your cat has promiscuous tendencies.

If your cat is born in a famous place, such as Rome, then you can name it after many of the famous Gladiators that etched their name in ancient Rome, such as Achilles.

Spiritual Name Suggestion For cats

Astral: Related to astral projections and out of body experiences.
Aura: A luminous field that envelops all beings.
Chakra: Life-energies that keep spiritual, physical and emotional horizons in check and control essential processes of our bodies.
Banshee – Member of the Irish mythology famous for calling upon death and disaster.
Chimaera: A hybrid animal who can breathe fire.
Kelpie – A water spirit that can predict and herald drowning and floods.
Pixie – A Prankster fairy
Revenant – A human that returns as a spirit after his death
Seraph – A celestial creature closest to God
Shade – An apparition or a looming shadow
Shaman – An emissary of the supernatural and the natural. They convey messages from and to the spiritual realms.
Specter – A horrifying ghost
Spook – As the name suggests, a spy or a prankster
Sprite – A goblin or an elf

So, these are the most unique spiritual names your cat can have.