The Mystery Of Rising Sign In Your Horoscope

Before we begin and get into all sciency stuff, let’s make sure you are familiar with the concept of Horoscope.

Horoscope is an account of the exact position of all the planets and stars at the time of one’s birth. It attributes towards forecasting future predictions and also the characteristics of an individual. Based on this date, time and location sphere, everyone is assigned a specific zodiac sign which represents a particular set of traits and features. It is also referred to as the life sign.


Okay, now that we have established an excellent understanding of horoscope, let’s move further.

There are two prominent signs in Horoscope namely the Moon sign and the Sun sign. But much like a lot of other concepts, this one here is also not known to most of the people. We are talking about the rising sign. Yes, you read it right, the Rising Sign along with the Sun and the Moon sign is one of the three principal pillars of horoscope study that provides the foundational information about one’s personality and the future.daily horoscope

While the Sun and Moon signs represent your inner abilities, the rising sign exhibits more about the exteriors of your personality. In rather simple words, you can consider it as the first thing that people notice about you. Something like your appearance of the way you speak. So you see, rising sign is indeed as important as the other two signs.

For no specific reason, the importance of the rising sign often goes overlooked. But what’s more disappointing is that most people don’t even know their rising sign.

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Let’s know more about the rising sign and its significance in the Horoscope. The Position of Rising Sign


If the correct birth date, time and location are known, then the rising sign can be identified on the Eastern horizon of your birth chart, or commonly known by the 9’O clock position. It’s just above the 1st house. Interestingly, rising sign is the only singular entity that can help you determine the entire mathematical dynamics of a birth chart, provided you know the exact degree and sign.

The Significance of Rising Sign

If you know your rising sign, then believe us, you have the key to your horoscope. We say so because when it comes to horoscope predictions, the first thing that comes to mind is daily horoscope. Your routine future teller.

When you read your daily horoscope column, you expect to gain some insightful information about the possible events that could happen in a day. But it’s way too extensive, and at times people don’t find it as useful. And just as you know, it’s not something that we have come up with; it was common consensus of a group of people from a survey conducted by a local NGO based in the Bronx New York.

Therefore, if you read your rising sign, you can score a more accurate and precise reading about the events that are more likely to happen in your life. Because the rising sign is closest to your birth chart, it can help you know what will be trending throughout the day. It justifies the very definition of the daily horoscope.

But that doesn’t mean it overshadows the importance of Sun sign. Reading both the signs together can be an efficient and rewarding idea. It takes two to tango, and a daily dose of both forecasts will keep you way ahead in your life.

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Types of Rising Signs

Similar to how elements and individual characteristics categorise the other zodiac signs, the rising signs are too divided in the exact similar fashion.

Fire Signs: Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo belong to the element of fire. These ascendants are full of energy and ooze in confidence. Not only do they fare well socially but they seem to have mastered the craft of building excellent interpersonal relationships.

Earth Signs: Signs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn come from the Earth element. These people are practical and value the aspect of security more than anything. Their initial appearance may make them come off shy and essentially modest, but eventually, you’ll see them getting chatty and more friendly.


Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are Air signs, and interestingly, they seem to have inherited the ability to communicate from their principal element itself. They are highly skilled at socialising and public address. Plus, they are intellectually gifted and have incredible levels of self-confidence.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are very emotional. They are usually kind of people who have a tough exterior protecting a tender and nurturing personality inside. They carry themselves so well that it’s impossible to resist their charm.

So, it is important that you find out about your Rising Sign and get much closer to your future!

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