In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning of the number 142. 

Numerology rules dictate that we need to always reduce numbers to a single digit (the exception being the master numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44). 

When we apply the rule to the number 142, we get the number seven. 

Exploring The Meaning of Number 142

Let us explore the value of the numbers in the position that they occur, which is more important than the reduced number at this stage.

To do that, we need to deconstruct before putting it all back together to understand the meaning of 142 truly.

Why 100 Is Important to Understanding Number 142

100 is earth terms equates to one full century. A century is a significant amount of time for any human. 

The number 1 is all about creativity and confidence. 

However, when number 1 is coupled with two zeros, it means it holds the power of double spiritual gifts. 

And with this, we know that when the number 1 is sitting in the hundreds’ numerical column, it has significant natural power. 

When anyone who belongs to the British Commonwealth turns 100 years of age, they get a letter from the Queen of England, congratulating them on achieving such a tremendous milestone.

The British Queen is a living icon; her power cannot be denied, so if she recognizes 100 yrs of human age, so should we.

Whether we agree with her or not, this is truly a magnificent milestone and numerological power number.

All numbers have their power, and the power grows significantly with each additional numerical column. 

For example, their power grows exponentially by each jump in columns one, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on.

Why 40 Is Vital To Know The Meaning of Number 142

Stability and process to the tenth power.

Looking at the number 40 separately as we can see it is in the tenth power column and applying zero to the power of one amplified by ten spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are wonderous to those who have never had the privilege of experiencing them.

It is not an elitist group, but it is a group of advanced beings born with these numerological powers. 

So when we have the experience of the universe speaking to us in this way, we owe it to ourselves to take notice.

If you truly seek answers and true understanding, then learn these basic rules and be honest with the process, but ultimately be honest with yourself.

4 To The Power Of Ten

Stability and process work together in such a magical way when accompanied by these spiritual gifts. 

The number four, accompanied by zero, means the process’s stability will be disrupted until we secure the inner self and be worthy of such a gift.

No one granted these gifts is exempt from the nagging mind, demanding the truth.

Our oversoul is pressing on us to see, to be, to stop hiding from the stability we seek and the process it takes to secure such a space.

Don’t forget the number 40 in itself represents stability and process, amplified by spiritual gifts. 

Number 2

Number two is such a wonderful number because it brings us all together. 

None of us can live or properly survive without cooperation and balance. 

Because number two falls at the end of the sequence of three numbers, meaning it is in the one’s column, it does not have the association of spiritual gifts but stands alone in its power.

At this point, it doesn’t matter because number two is extremely potent within itself.

Let’s Put It All Back Together

To summarise, we see that we don’t just have the numbers 1, 4, and 2; we instead have those numbers plus the power of two spiritual gifts. 

Being in possession of spiritual gifts gives significant power to these numbers. 

The spiritual gifts can range anywhere from psychic to clairaudient and otherworldly experience here on earth.

The Complete Value of Number 142

When we add the number 142 together, we have the number seven.

In this case, we have the number seven accompanied by two spiritual gifts.

 It tells us that the number seven can be multiplied by the power of two. 

Number 7

Number seven teaches us that we are in the energy of trust and openness.

So what does this mean?

The number 142 means trusting the process of finding inner stability through being open on a deeper level.

We know that we are working with the energy of understanding trust and openness.

To have trust, we must first be open to the fact that we can not be hurt if we have love in our hearts, first and foremost.

It is not easy to be open. 

Even with the power of spiritual gifts, it is still a stretch.

We cannot expect others to make the first move; we must first be open to obtaining trust.

Trust Yourself Above All Else

Trust is an inside job.

There is a quote by GOETHE.

”As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Trust is an inside job because, truly, the only person you ever need to trust is yourself. 

When you trust yourself, you know your behavior is your decision, and your path is always correct.

If you mistrust somebody, generally, it is because something inside you tells you not to.

And trusting yourself, you will always be safe because no one can change your direction no matter how malicious they may be to manipulate you. 

What Is The Lesson

The lesson that number 142 through the number 7 teaches us is about understanding the right path and how to follow it.

How Do You Apply This Particular Law of The Universe?

We are, after all, still understanding the meaning of the number 142. 

It is showing itself with the power of two times spiritual gifts, thus amplifying the number seven.

For instance, if you live at a house that bears the number 142 at its address, it has a different meaning compared to seeing the number 142 on a clock face.

Where we live in a physical home has broader vibrational energy than our personal vibrational timekeeping.

We must consider the other people we live with and the relationship between trust and openness, and how it applies to those relationships.

Please consider that you all live ultimately at the number seven.   

It is either a harmonious space abundant with trust and openness or many pressing issues to resolve.

We know this because you are all working against or with the energy of seven plus two spiritual gifts.

More often than not, we share our abode with others, and this is where we can truly start to decipher and master the energy of trust and openness.

If we see 142 on our clock, it indicates personal trust and openness issues that we need to examine within ourselves.

Especially if you constantly are seeing that it is 1:42 AM or 1:42 PM.

Number 142 – Universal Energy

Don’t forget that the universe is made up of energy, and we see that numbers are constantly talking to us through the Fibonacci style.

We only need to understand, apply the laws and live by them.

If you keep making the same mistakes, the universe will tell you repeatedly through numbers.

The same if we are on the right path, numbers show up for us there too.

For example, when you see a sequence of the same number, you can confirm that you are on the right path.

A good way to remember is to see each number as color, just like a Rubik’s cube. 

If the colors are out of place, then they need to be sorted back into the correct sequence; thus, all colors are bunched together as a band.

 A wave of harmony if you like. 

Just as a rainbow rewards us after a downpour, so do numbers reward us when we learn and apply the lessons they show us.