As strange as it may seem, human beings only want 3 things in life. No matter how much we are influenced to desire fame, money, power or success, these are not the things that human beings desire deep within.

Though we may strive to find fulfillment in these things, it cannot satisfy our deepest, innermost longings.


The Only 3 Things That Every Single Human Being Wants:

1. To be seen as we really are.

Being seen as the true person that we are, without the labeling or the attachment to our culture, family or background is the hardest thing to get from others.

Seeing others as they are requires us to be naked too. This means we have to drop all pretensions and all the walls that we have built around ourselves.

We have to drop our ideas, romantic inclinations, stereotyping, scorning, belittling, expectations, and anticipations.

And this is one of the scariest things anyone can do, to stay soul naked in front of the world.

Holding onto these things prevents us from seeing within others, as same as it prevents others from seeing within us.


The moment we manage to let go of the perceptions we have of others is a moment of liberation. We will then feel connected and never alone.

2. To be held by someone.

Being held in a loving embrace is being given the space to express our pains, joys, inner longings, yearnings, and musings without judgment.

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It means acceptance of who we truly are with all our human weaknesses and flaws.

Holding people is a gift we can give others while receiving it back in pure authenticity. Being held or holding someone gives more meaning to life.

It doesn’t mean you have to literally hug people every day. Being held means having unconditional emotional support from someone.

It means you can pour your emotions to them whenever you need to and you will be there for them to do the same.

People chase status, money, power all with a purpose to find someone like this, someone who can hold them and be there for them unconditionally.

3. To be known as we truly are.

Many people may “know” us because of the bits of information they might get from other sources aside ourselves. This knowledge resides only in their heads.

It does not make them know the real us. What we truly want is to be known who we really are, how it feels to live our life, including our different emotions.

We want others to know the depth of our sadness, fear, anxieties, worries, and so on.


Our most common mistake, on the other hand, is keeping people at bay because of our preconceived notions about them.

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In reality, we stay away from people because we fear that people may know our own woundedness and imperfections. We think this would make us vulnerable. We choose to set up walls instead of bridges for the fear of being judged the way we judge ourselves.

As a result, we continue creating a world of division between people. We lack the maturity to see happiness in our imperfections or the beauty in our sadness.

But to be really known, to let others know the real essence of who we are, we must be brave enough to risk being judged.

Most people think that once they make themselves famous enough, only then they will be able to reveal their true selves to the world and use their fame as a shield for being judged.

But fame will actually bring you more judgment and much bigger distortion of who you really are and who people think you are.

In order to be known you do not need fame, you need one person that really wants to get to know you, all the aspects of you. That’s what we really want at the end of the day.

Our desire to be seen, held, and known can be satisfied by someone else. However, before we can let others do that, we must first see, hold and know our true selves.
Source: Rise Earth