Each of the Zodiac signs has its weak points and things that other people say and hurt his or her feelings.

These things are especially important to know when one wants to break up with his partner. Here is how not to hurt your partner once you decided to break up with him.


Aries: Breaking up directly

One of the signs that want a fast and painless break up is the airy Aries. They get easily bored with too many emotions, so a quick break up without a lot of explaining will do the thing.

Taurus: Don’t give them choices

If one wants to end a relationship with a Taurus, the only way to do it without thinking to return to him. This way, the Taurus will be clear on his emotions as well of the intentions of his ex-partner.

Gemini: Tell them to forget you

Breaking up with a Gemini may be a hard thing to do as these people always think their partner will eventually come back. Not hurting their feelings by letting them know the thing is definitely over is the only safe and secure way to end a relationship with them.

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Cancer: Show them emotions

The Cancer will cry for days and nights after a breakup. Being there with them and telling them it’s not their fault (even if it is) is a good way to protect them from a nervous breakdown. These people are too emotional for a quick and direct break-up.


Leo: Let them stay proud of themselves

The Leo is one of the zodiac signs that are not that faithful, so breaking up with them and giving them the explanation that it’s for their own wellbeing is a great way to go.

Virgo: Don’t make them feel guilty

Virgos are the type of people that want to stay exactly what they symbolize: virginity. Making them feel like the fault is yours – not theirs is the most painless way to end the relationship.


Libra: Get visual

Picturizing how life will look like after a break – up is essential when it comes to a Libra. These people need to make things clear in their mind and helping them is the safest way to end the connection with them.

Scorpio: Straight ahead

When it comes to breaking up – a Scorpio will be hurt, no matter what. Telling them straight in the face without any fuss will at least shorten the suffering.

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Sagittarius: Be polite

This is one of the signs that hate struggles and fights. Politely explaining your reasons will make them easily understand your intentions and ultimately accept them.

Guest post by Antonio Dimitrovski