Over a long period, people have come up with different meanings to what they term as “being spiritual.” Some people who consider themselves spiritual usually see others as being imperfect as compared to their perfection.

Living a life of perfection is impossible for human beings as we all make mistakes and as the saying goes, “human is to err.” Consequently, there is nothing as levels of being spiritual.


This is something that people have come up with to differentiate themselves from other people who do not do things the way they do. Spirituality refers to a situation where one shifts his or her focus from material things to things that are identified with the soul. However, there are levels, which are considered as spirituality levels. These levels are as listed below.spiritual growth

1. Idle/ ordinary level

This is the first spiritual level, where one has not yet discovered his or her powers. At this level, an individual does not know who he or she is and what is greater than the person that he is. The urge to uncover who you truly are is still dormant and many questions come to mind.

In addition to that, this is the stage where most people question where people go after death, if there is life after death, whether ghosts are real or not and whether heaven exists or not, just but to mention a few. These questions keep knocking and are at times ignored until something that awakens the inner being happens.

2. New/ beginner level

At this point, something happens that awakens the inner soul and we get a hint of what is happening. Usually, it happens as magic and we get to know the truth about something. For instance, we might be going through something that is bothering us like a breakup or disappointment and “magic” happens which helps us to perceive what caused the problem.


It is common for one to wonder how a solution was reached. This is because something inside us helped us perceive the truth. A new seed is planted inside us and something great comes out of it. This is triggered by events that happen in our lives.

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3. Proficient level

One starts becoming empathetic with other people at this stage. There is more to be appreciative about in life as compared to the two levels above. Nature and life itself become more interesting. Additionally, one’s passion towards a particular thing grows and emotions are regarded as first priority.

This is a spiritual level where one becomes more aware of his past and talks about it with those close to him. On the contrary, he might feel like his friends and relatives do not understand the significance of his past. The things in which one found pleasure and interest in are no longer that important to an individual and they spend most of the time seeking positive change.

4. Apprentice level

Most of the time, people find comfort in being approved by others. Well, that is different from this spiritual level. This is the stage where finding approval from others no longer gives comfort and less importance is given to it. Our experiences have hurt, shaped and taught us a lesson and we are ready to let go and move on to a new phase.

Moreover, we see things from a new dimension as the thing, which we deemed, as important and real start appearing as not what we pictured. You become keen towards the things happening around you and it becomes easier to decipher when someone is telling the truth or not.

5. Explorer level

At this level, one is concerned with finding the truth about the world. The naiveness that was experienced at the beginner level starts to fade away and is replaced by an increased interest in knowing what is real in the world.

One starts to become more powerful and this is easily noticeable by others. Independence starts to become the number one priority and one’s circle is composed of people who have the same traits as him. You notice people who have or are going through the same experience as you.

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6. Master level

The master spirituality level is the level where one builds a barrier between the material and the spiritual world. The material possessions do not seem to interest you anymore and your concern shifts in knowing more about the spiritual world. In addition to that, an individual is open to assisting other people who have sought his help.

Many people see this person as a good example and a role model for other people and are often emulated. A deeper connection has been established with your guardian angel and seeing random numbers makes more sense than before. A person notices the difference between you and others and often wants to seek your guidance in whatever they do.spiritual growth

7. Phoenix level

This is the highest level of spirituality where one is fully aware of his true self. Although you cannot escape the fact that you still belong to the world and you possess material things, a part of you believes that you do not belong to this world. You have gone through so much and now you are stronger than before and even more empathetic.


Your focus is more on your transformation into a new being. You direct people to your path as you are portrayed as an agent of light. When one reaches this point, the other levels of spirituality are now much clearer to him than before.


People describe “spirituality” differently, but the most common thing is the fact that being spiritual is confused with being perfect and holy. Perfection is impossible with human beings because we are destined to make mistakes and learn from them.

However, spirituality levels vary from the first level where one does not know anything about his spirituality to the highest level where an individual becomes a role model and an agent of light to other people. This is the peak of the spirituality levels and is where material possessions do not matter to someone.

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