The Shift, The Chakras and The Next Mass Extinction

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The connection between this three has been hidden from the common human, until now. Many people have been talking about a “Shift” that will make Earth a higher dimensional planet and its people too. This people know that the Earth will Shift from a 3D world to a 5D world. This is true, but also not the entire truth.


The truth has been kept hidden from all of you, every major world governor knows this and the reason why nobody is speaking out is because they don’t know how the common people will react to this, which might be panic, paranoia, leaving everything behind, an increase of violence around the world and even suicide for the ones who can’t handle the pressure. So I warn you that this might be hard to believe or even understand but this is the truth nobody is telling you.

On the last week of September a polarization has started in the world. This means that so far, 99% of the people were inside the 3 dimensional world but this doesn’t mean planet Earth was also a 3 dimensional world. Planet Earth is in fact, all the dimensions together. I will speak about the first 5 dimensions in this text. The world will know more when the time comes.

I will take a book as a metaphor to explain each dimension.
1st Dimension: People will only see a book. Nothing else.
2nd Dimension: People will see that the book has a cover and will judge it by its cover.
3rd Dimension: People will see that the book as pages.
4th Dimension: People can see the words, phrases and their meaning.
5th Dimension: It’s not about what’s written, but what isn’t and what are the feelings coming through.

99% of the people were in the 3rd dimension and some of you may say you know someone from the 2nd or 4th dimension. Yes it’s true. Many started to change when the big wave of Indigo children happened in the 1970s, but only a percentage of people did change.
This Shift will start on the last week of this year and if not, it will surely start when 2017 starts and I say this with 100% certainty.

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The meaning of this Shift is that every 3rd dimensional person will shift to a higher or lower dimension, but it also means that a 2nd dimensional person can shift to the 1st dimension and a 4th to the 5th. The key to understand how this shift will happen is by “choice”. Everyone will have to choose, consciously or unconsciously, where to go: higher or lower. Everyone Has a Choice. Your destiny is not written.


To better understand each dimension we can take a look at the different chakras and their meaning. The 1st dimension corresponds to the 1st chakra, and so on. An important thing to say is that if you go to a lower dimension you will have an excessive amount of energy on that chakra, which is bad. If you go higher, you will have an excessive amount of energy too, which is still bad but not so much as the lower because you will instinctively know how to balance it, but this will only last when the Shift is happening.
You can see here the meaning of each chakra in detail: chakra482616_212840362189536_1245237202_n

It is also very important to note that you cannot jump dimensions, for example, the 3rd to the 5th or 3rd to 1st. Each dimension has its own problems you have to face to grow as an individual but if you cannot grow, you will go even lower, and it also has its virtues which you will find very fortunate to have in a higher dimension. You cannot jump, but in this Shift, some people might go through 2 dimensions in a short period of time which will be very traumatic or life changing, depending on the perspective. One normal thing people will do is try to make others go higher instead of lower pointing out their bad attitudes or personalities. This will only make them worse. This is a journey everyone will have to do on their own and nobody else, for as much they try, will change it.


After this Shift, something I can still not say because it’s not the time, will happen. When this happens, most people will have transitioned to a higher or lower dimension. Higher dimensional people will have good energy beings standing by their side and helping them getting through their transformation. Lower dimensional people however, will have bad energy beings (like demons) feeding off their human energy. These beings will be attached to these people and nothing can stop them. The only thing that can stop this is death and even after their death, this demons will try to find someone else to get attached to. This is why “something will happen” that will kill everyone in the lower dimensional levels. This will make this beings go off to the world, but when they are trying to find another person, they will only find higher dimensional people with their inner light shining bright and even good energy beings standing by their side protecting them in this crucial period.

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Since this bad energy beings can’t get inside a higher dimensional person and there is nobody else left, they will be left wandering the world. This is when a group of highly advanced people will come together as one and have the hard task to fight this bad energy beings and send it somewhere else, we the normal human beings, cannot understand, leaving the world with the people that survived this big change and Shift to start a new world full of love and happiness from scratch.

I will say this once again, you might feel trapped or even know that you are doomed, but you are not, regardless of your religion. Everyone has a chance, and it’s your last chance to redeem yourself. Even if you are a 1st dimensional being! If you have the courage and the love to go up, you can trust that you will, you just can’t give up because this is your last chance.

The word needs to be spread. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell everyone. Everyone needs to embrace love and make others happy. This is the only way to the light. This is the only way you can survive.


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