The Significance of the August 21st Eclipse

One current topic concerning humanity and our field of consciousness is the significance of the August 21st eclipse, and its potential relationships to the state of the world (not to mention the September 23rd prophecy, which you can read about here).

There is a lot of speculation around this eclipse, as it is the first in 99 years to cut directly across the United States, almost as if to signify a great change is coming for the country. Many are even suggesting this eclipse will have profound effects on the US President and the federal departments too!


But is there any evidence to suggest this is the case? Let’s go over the data available and find out!

The Basic Meaning Behind an Eclipse

The first thing we should look at are what eclipses actually mean, or at least – what are the most common interpretations of eclipses? Eclipses in general are a bit of a wild card, and there are often several meanings and interpretations behind them.

Many astrologers theorize that eclipses act as a sort of “solidifier” of energy, pinning down whatever is going on in one’s life, taking the energies of the higher planes and bringing them down to the earthly plane. Another common interpretation is that an eclipse signifies a great transition point, where one thing ends and another thing begins.

This turning point describes the finality and closure to one big event or chapter in our lives, and the stepping into something entirely new and different. In this, Solar eclipses are often observed more as “new beginnings and bright opportunities”, where as Lunar eclipses generally represent “finality and emotional endings”.

And finally, eclipses can often be observed as a sign of disaster, which often depends on the chart itself which shows who or what is involved. Regardless of the interpretation of the eclipse energy, there is generally one thing they all have in common: Change is on the way! It could mean something completely random or unexpected is about to happen, or a major shift that you never imagined could transpire.


However, the biggest thing to remember is that change is the only constant, and in fact one of the ultimate forms of stability. If we are able to go with the flow and adapt with the changes in our lives, we can find ourselves riding the wave of the eclipse rather than getting tossed about in its undertow.

The Basic Astrology behind this Eclipse

The first thing we will cover is the basics of this eclipse. This eclipse is right around a new moon which signifies new beginnings and would be a great time to start a new goal or project! This eclipse also happens in the house of Leo which governs self-expression, creativity, romance, fun and play! This is also a total solar eclipse, meaning that the entire sun will be covered for those in the path of totality, which can be observed in the image published above.


More details of this eclipse includes that it is in conjunction with Mercury, which is a planet of communication, learning, fast action and controversy. It is also in conjunction with mars – planet of war, disasters, and passion. To add on top of this, the eclipse is in a state of agitation (called sesquisquare) with Pluto, which speaks to mass activity and drastic events.

Further there are two trines, or points from this eclipse pointing to other planets which are 120 degrees apart on the zodiac circle – Saturn and Uranus. Both of these are generally considered lucky, Saturn is about planning, security, and constriction, and Uranus is all about enlightenment, progressiveness, objectiveness, and creativity.

All of this together seems to describe that the events surrounding this eclipse would be quick and intense but a time of great change and with the potential for new ways of self expression and joy! With the conjunctions to Mercury and Mars, it implies a union and blending of energies, especially when combining with what we know about eclipses from the top section. It does seem to imply a little bit of displacement by Pluto’s sesquisquare, however the trine with Saturn seems to suggest that everything will be under control and not overly disastrous.

By the trine with Uranus we extrapolate that whatever events do take place, whether they are small events in our own personal lives or something big that everyone takes notice of, this eclipse will create a forward motion and progressiveness as well as a heightened sense of spiritual awareness for anyone who is paying attention, which is really great news!

Interesting relationships to the President and past political events

As mentioned in the introduction, many are looking at this eclipse in relationship to the current US President, Donald Trump very curiously; for Trump shares a great deal of connections to this eclipse in his own natal (astrological) chart.

Here is an example of what we’re seeing: The New Moon in Leo eclipse will be conjunct Trumps Mars and Ascendant. Generally an eclipse conjunct with Mars bears relationship with stoking up anger; suggesting argumentation, violence, increased stress, or simply accident prone.


Ultimately, the big connection to Trump here is that the eclipse is passing through house 10 during the transition. Houses 9, 10, and 11 are “hot spots” in eclipse charts, and they are also quite significant in Trumps charts too, but this does not indicate “what” will happen, only that “things are happening!” But what’s even more interesting is that in the past, significantly every 18.5 years there has been an eclipse which coincided with some sort of political event which transpired in relationship with this particular type of eclipse. Let’s go through the list.

1909: There was an assassination attempt on President William Howard Taft while he was on a trip to mexico.
1927-1928: An event called “the pineapple primary” (named for all of the hand grenades) took place six months after the mayor of Chicago “Big Bill” Thompson was re-elected (in 1927, when the eclipse took place); whose re-election was supported by the Al Capone, notorious mobster of his time. There were also a great deal of natural and man-made disasters, including major tornados, floods, gas explosions, a huge dam falling in California, and a massive fire in Florida.
1945: Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs dropped, and FDR died of natural causes several months prior.
1963: JFK was assassinated.
1981: Ronald Reagan had an attempted assassination.
1998 – 1999: Bill Clinton was impeached

Which leads us to this latest eclipse in 2017… will this eclipse signal the continuation of this stream of events? Only time will tell. In truth, the very election of Donald Trump might very well be what is signified as the turning point itself, as these events always take place ‘around’ the eclipses, but not necessarily on the day.

In truth, in all likelihood this day will come and go by as every other does, but this does not suggest that there is not a greater energy at work here. For those who are looking to the skies with hope or fear, we invite you to remember that no matter what, we are are all co-creating our realities together, whether we choose to live in fear, hope, love, or panic, our attention dictates what we will create.

If we spend our time leading up to and through this upcoming eclipse with hope and love in our hearts and minds, we will almost definitely cast our “solidification” on that particular motion, and the results will show in our lives as to how the next years continue to unfold. With that said, there is one more crazy event that seems to be coming up too, related to September 23rd and some prophecy towards the Book of Revelations. We received a lot of comments about this as well, and so if you’re interested in reading about that, click here to check it out!



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