An eagle is a majestic creature with long wings, sharp talons, and piercing eyes. It symbolizes power, freedom, and the sky.

The eagle has always been a revered totem in many cultures for its ability to soar high above the earth. In ancient times it was believed that eagles had the gift of prophecy as they could see into the future.

Spiritual meanings of eagles vary across different cultures but are all connected by one common thread—hope for a better tomorrow or a higher understanding of life.

Eagles symbolize the power of transcendence. This transcendent power is an ability to rise above oneself and observe the surroundings from a position detached from any ego. Eagles can also symbolize spiritual enlightenment, higher mind or intellect, and divine knowledge: This is because eagles are balanced spiritually.

The eagle is also a symbol of protection. In many cultures, it was believed that an eagle would protect the souls of war heroes and warriors in life after death.

Eagle feathers were often used to make headdresses for tribal chiefs because they meant long life and wisdom.

Eagles are also symbols of freedom—freedom from captivity, slavery, or oppression. This is because eagles are powerful, fierce, and free.

Eagle Spiritual Symbolism

The eagle is the chief of all the winged creatures. They convey the powers and messages of the spirit, they are our connection to the divine because they fly the highest.

Eagles are messengers of light, they illuminate our path and shed a spiritual glow on all those who need guidance.

They not only fly high but they perch in the highest of places, meaning that we cannot reach spiritual enlightenment if we are not willing to be open to all possibilities.

Eagles soar because it is their nature and destiny to do so; reaching heights most humans never will know or experience.


The Eagle is the symbolism of vision because they are able to see what we cannot.

Eagles live for the moment in a way that humans seldom do, as they must focus on survival with their keen eyesight. They also use their intuition to guide them and to see what is ahead.

This symbolizes that we must live in the present moment and be aware of what is going on around us. The symbolism also reminds us to pay attention to our intuition as it can help lead us through difficult situations.

However, we don’t always have to rely on our intuition because there are many things we can learn by being observant.

We cannot see the future, but can only see what is happening in the present moment and what has happened before. This will help guide us towards making decisions that have a more positive outcome than if we had chosen without any thought at all.

But know that intuition is important too because sometimes it helps us make the right decisions.

Powerful Transformation

The eagle is an animal of transformation. They are able to change their perspective or view with fluidity and ease.

Eagles can fly high as well as swoop low, both types of movements require a level of mastery that is difficult for humans. This symbolizes the ability to transform oneself with grace and ease.

Transformation is important for us because it helps us to grow and expand our horizons.

We can transform ourselves by changing our perspective, altering how we do things, or even just considering the opposite of what we thought before.

This symbolizes that it is important for humans not only to have a plan in place but also to be able to change when needed. So many times people don’t adapt or change and end up sticking to the same plan which can cause more problems in the long run.

Death of the Ego

Eagles are able to see what is hidden from most humans. The fact that they can see at great distances is symbolic of our ability to transcend and have a clearer view of the situation.

They also symbolize death and death signifies a loss of ego because it means letting go of what we think defines us as human beings: our individuality.

This symbolizes how hard it is for us to let go sometimes but also that once you do, you can transcend the physical and really start to understand who you are.


Eagles are a sign of strength because they are able to soar through the sky and conquer any obstacle on their path.

Eagles have a strong sense of self-esteem while still being humble enough.

This symbolizes that we too can be both strong and humble, being able to stand by what we believe in while still respecting the beliefs of others.


Eagles are a symbol of freedom because they live without restraint unless it’s necessary for their survival.

This signifies that life is about freedom and living without restriction.

Freedom is important because it helps us to live an authentic life, one that we are not afraid of.

It can also help us find happiness in our own skin which leads to feeling liberated from any burden or worry that might be plaguing us at the time.


Eagles are fearless. They are not bothered by the tiniest of creatures and they soar through life without fear.

This symbolizes that we too can be fearless in every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to overcoming our fears.

It is hard for us sometimes but if you confront your fears head-on then those burdens will disappear from your shoulders.

Peaceful Presence

The eagle is a symbol of peace because it has the ability to transcend and have an unshakeable presence.

This signifies that we too can be peaceful in every aspect, especially when it comes to knowing who you are and understanding your purpose as a human being here on earth.

It also helps us to transcend and find a sense of contentment in our lives.

Higher Consciousness

Eagles also symbolize higher consciousness because they have the ability to fly high and see what most of us can’t.

This signifies that we too are able to tap into our higher self, transcend beyond this physical form and begin truly living life on a spiritual level.

Higher consciousness is important for us because it helps us connect with ourselves in ways we never thought possible as well as tap into our spirituality.

Eagle Spirit Animal

The eagle spirit animal has many messages for us about how this relates to our spiritual selves.

Eagles are symbols of the power and freedom we all possess deep within us; they remind us that if we dare, we too can soar above the ordinary limits set by society.

They tell us about courage and self-sacrifice; a willingness to face what might otherwise seem insurmountable in order to achieve the spiritual goal of enlightenment.

Eagles also tell us that there are risks involved in moving beyond our limitations and achieving spiritual enlightenment which is why we need to be willing to face them with courage.

If you want spiritual enlightenment, be ready for its demands—they will not come cheaply or without a price.

The eagle in your life is telling you that it’s time to take the Spiritual Journey.

Eagles in Dreams

Eagle dreams are mostly associated with wish fulfillment, the accomplishment of goals, opportunities for growth, and evolution.

However, their visits in your dream may indicate other things, for example, if you killed an eagle in your dream then it’s a sign of regret and guilt.

If you dream of catching an eagle in your dream then it symbolizes that you need to be more perceptive towards others. By doing this, you will have more understanding and thus, less conflict.

If your dream is about an eagle attacking you then this might be a sign that you have some unresolved feelings or emotions towards yourself.

You may need to confront the situation in order to help you heal from the pain.

If you dream about feeding an eagle, then it signifies the need to hone your skill with your career. It helps if you had the willpower and the courage to do this.

If you see a caged eagle in your dream then it symbolizes that you need to be more free or the need to express yourself.

If there are many eagles in your dream, then it signifies that you may have a lot of good opportunities coming up for you.

Spiritual meaning of an eagle flying over you

If you see an eagle fly over you, then it represents your intuition, your higher self, and the spiritual journey that you are on.

It means to pay attention because this is an important sign for you.

It also indicates your ability to see from a higher perspective. It’s an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and see your goals from another point of view.

It may signify your need to have a spiritual experience in order to move your life forward.

Spiritual meaning of an eagle feather

Find an eagle’s feather represents the energy and the spirit of the eagle, it’s also a sign of courage, the ability to soar high and always know where you are going.

This symbol could signify a sign of healing which is why many people use feathers from eagles for ritualistic purposes.

It also signifies that your spiritual journey may be coming soon or it has just begun.

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

An eagle tattoo represents a sense of power, dominance, freedom, luck, and clarity. It is also associated with spirituality and the apostle of God.

Not only that an eagle tattoo is very captivating, but it also grabs the attention of those around you.

Eagle tattoos are often found on people who have a need to be free and independent, or who want to venture out into new territory in their lives.

They may also represent one’s desire for spiritual enlightenment—to soar above earthly limitations.

If the eagle tattoo is near the eyes, then it symbolizes the need to see things from a different perspective.


The eagle is a symbol of power, strength, and wisdom. These qualities are what we strive for in our lives as they allow us to experience the best life possible—one filled with happiness, joy, peace, and contentment.