Have you ever had a dream in which you were being strangled? If so, it can be an unsettling experience, but there is usually something deeper to it.

Many people believe that dreams are connected to our spiritual selves and can provide insight or guidance–this includes dreams where one feels helplessly strangled.

In this article, we will explore the spiritual meaning of being strangled in a dream and some common themes associated with it, such as problems expressing oneself, feeling trapped, betrayal, and more.

Problems Expressing Yourself

Dreams of being strangled may represent frustration or difficulty expressing one’s thoughts and feelings.

It could indicate that one is having trouble articulating what is on their mind or that someone else is suppressing their voice. This could also be tied to not feeling heard or understood by others.

Hurtful Words

Being strangled in a dream may also symbolize the hurtful words others say, which have felt like an attack against you.

It could signify feeling put down and disrespected for who you are or what you believe in by someone whose opinion matters to you.

Alternatively, it might signify regretted words that have come from your mouth and continue to haunt you in the form of nightmares.

Feeling That Life is Unfair

Sometimes dreams of being strangled can reflect feelings of oppression and injustice, believing that life isn’t fair for oneself or others.

These dreams may appear when we have been wronged in some way, but we have little power to do anything about it except to process these emotions through our subconscious minds while we sleep.


Dreams involving strangulation may also point to feelings of betrayal by someone close to us, whether they had betrayed us directly through their actions or simply because they let us down when we needed them most.

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Being choked in a dream can represent how powerless and vulnerable one feels when someone has wronged them – particularly if this person holds great importance in our waking life.

Feeling Trapped

Dreams about strangulation can signify that we cannot escape certain situations or dynamics within relationships; no matter how hard we try, it is often impossible to break free completely from those things which emotionally bind us (even if they do not physically).

Dreams like this can leave us feeling frustrated yet still hopeful that one day we will find freedom from whatever is causing this emotional turmoil inside ourselves.

Unable To Stand Up For Yourself

Dreaming of being choked could indicate fears related to standing up for oneself when necessary–fear of confrontation or disapproval, perhaps even fear of failure at making changes happen.

These fears linger beneath the surface even though every part of our conscious selves wants nothing more than to take control back into our hands again.

Feeling Helpless

The interpretation behind strangulation dreams can also reveal deep emotional pain, such as sadness and guilt, stemming from experiences that made us feel helpless at the time.

Perhaps things from past events still unresolved today remain hidden inside ourselves until nights like these come along and jolt us heart-wrenchingly.

Vivid memories rush back into conscious thought without warning or mercy, stirring up old wounds before eventually allowing us to drift off into a peaceful sleep, should our minds permit it after such disturbances.

Each night, action must be taken to render reprieve from enduring another episode like this evermore again–in due course, perhaps?

Not Being Truthful

Strangulation dreams can sometimes foreshadow inner turmoil around holding onto secrets – ones told by others meant only for our ears, with imperative instructions not to breathe a word about them…and so on.

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As well as internal struggles against staying silent around truths meant for public consumption but instead remain hidden out of fear for various reasons all over the spectrum – big decisions indeed!

Difficulty Finding Inner Peace

Dreaming of being strangled can represent difficulty finding inner peace, likely due to unresolved issues from the past.

One may be holding on to painful memories and experiences, which prevents them from fully letting go and finding deeper clarity and contentment within themselves.

Taking time to process these experiences and understand them better may help create a sense of peace within oneself.

Fear of Change

Another potential interpretation of being strangled in a dream is fear of change.

This could relate to changes coming up shortly, which makes one feel uneasy about what will happen next, or it could relate to longstanding fears about change generally.

Whatever the cause, having faith in oneself to navigate each new situation with strength and resilience is key.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Lastly, being strangled in a dream can sometimes indicate feeling overwhelmed by life–be it work, relationships, health situations, or otherwise.

This type of dream implies that it’s time for some self-care; taking regular breaks for yourself and scheduling time for activities that bring you joy will help significantly reduce feelings of overwhelm.


In conclusion, dreaming of being strangled can have many spiritual implications, ranging from problems expressing yourself, hurtful words, and feeling trapped and helpless to betrayal and not being truthful.

There are also issues such as not being assertive enough, fear of failure, and anxiety about the future, which can indicate deeper spiritual meanings hidden behind a dream like this.

It is worth reflecting on what has been experienced recently, which may help explain why these dreams occurred. Understanding our emotions will help us move forward with greater awareness of ourselves.