Colors are a vital part of our dreams and often carry deep symbolic meaning that can provide insight into what our subconscious is trying to tell us. In this informational listicle, we will explore the spiritual meanings behind 12 common colors that we see in our dreams along with what they might represent if we see them while dreaming.


Red is commonly associated with strong emotions like passion, lust, anger, danger or warning.

Passion and Sexuality

Seeing the color red in a dream often represents passions, sexuality, and being in love or desire. Red can suggest new or reawakened romantic feelings and connections.

Anger and Conflict

Red can also signify angry emotions, aggression, arguments, conflicts or disputes with others. Red dreams can mean there are underlying tensions that need to be addressed.

Stop or Caution

The color red has connotations of stopping, yielding or taking caution. Red dreams can be a sign to pause, reflect carefully on something, or re-think a choice or direction you’re headed in.


Blue represents peace, calmness, relaxation, openness, and communication.

Calmness and Peace

When you see blue in dreams, it is often symbolic of tranquility, relaxation, and feelings of calm, peace and contentment. It can represent taking time for self-care.

Openness and Communication

Blue also represents openness, expression, and a desire to communicate. Blue dreams can reflect a need to be more vocal about what we think and feel, or to listen more openly to others.


As the color of the sky and sea, blue can symbolize exploration, curiosity, and new opportunities waiting to be discovered in your waking life.


The color green embodies renewal, growth, health, wealth, insight and balance.

Growth and Renewal

When you dream in green, it can indicate new beginnings, revival in relationships or projects, or embarking on a new path of personal growth. It suggests renewal.

Financial Gains

Green’s association with money and wealth means green dreams can symbolize financial rewards, prosperity and abundance coming your way.

Need for Balance

Seeing too much green can suggest that your life is out of balance and a recalibration is needed between competing priorities. Find more harmony.


Yellow represents joy, intellect, optimism, and warning.

Happiness and Optimism

Yellow is the color of sunshine, associated with cheerfulness, optimism, joy and positivity. Yellow dreams indicate happiness and hope.

Intellect and Creativity

The vibrant color also represents mental clarity, intellect, new ideas, inspiration and creativity. Yellow can suggest an intellectual solution to a problem.

Caution and Warning

However, yellow can also signify warning, caution or something in your life that needs attention. Pay attention to any yellow symbols that seem ominous.


Purple represents mystical vision, spirituality, imagination, and luxury.

Mysticism and Spirituality

In dreams, the color purple is associated with mystical vision, higher consciousness, spirituality, compassion and cosmic awareness. It can indicate spiritual awakening.

Imagination and Creativity

Purple also symbolizes the imagination, creativity, artistry, and a free-flow of ideas. Purple dreams can mean you long to embrace your inner artist.

Luxury and Ambition

As the color of royalty, purple also signifies luxury, ambition, and achieving the highest levels of success. Your ambitions are within reach.


The color white represents purity, innocence, clarity, and new beginnings.

Purity and Cleansing

When you dream in white, it indicates purity, cleansing, dignity, spotlessness and a clean slate. It can indicate a desire to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Clarity and Insight

The color also symbolizes clarity, heightened understanding, and clear-minded insight into a situation that has been previously murky or confusing. Solutions become visible.

New Beginnings

White represents a fresh start, with mistakes and difficulties of the past fading away. It suggests that you stand at the threshold of a new beginning full of potential.


Black represents the unknown, mystery, darkness, death, and rebirth.

The Unknown and Mystery

When you see black in dreams, it can represent the great unknown, mysteries yet to be uncovered, the unconscious mind, or something still hidden from your view. It can be interpreted as intriguing.

Darkness and Death

Black can also symbolize darkness, death, mourning, the end of something or loss. While disconcerting, this darkness allows space for the light and new beginnings to emerge in time. There is always hope.

Rebirth and Renewal

After black’s darkness comes rebirth and renewal. Black promises that endings lead to new light, vision, inspiration, and reawakening further down the road.


Pink represents romance, love, tenderness, femininity, and caring.

Romantic Love

Pink is the color most associated with romantic love and tenderness. Seeing pink in dreams represents feelings of affection, love, caring and compassion towards self or others.


As a delicate color, pink also represents stereotypical femininity, female friendships, and getting in touch with the gentle side of your instincts.

Caring and Compassion

Pink can also indicate a need to show more caring, mercy, and compassion – both to yourself and to others around you who may be struggling.


Brown represents earthiness, grounding, simplicity, and foundation.


The color brown signifies earthiness, nature, the outdoors, and creature comforts. Brown can suggest a desire to reconnect with the simple things in life.


Brown also represents grounding, foundation, stability and feeling well-rooted. If you dream in brown, reflect on ways to establish stability and anchor yourself.


In a complicated world, brown speaks to our longing for simplicity – uncomplicated joy, people and pursuits that offer warmth and comfort. Follow the simple things that make you happy.


Gray represents gloom, sadness, fatigue, conservatism and practicality.

Gloom and Sadness

The color gray can symbolize gloom, melancholy, sadness, depression, and lack of energy. Your dream may reveal an underlying need to deal with difficult emotions.

Fatigue and Boredom

Gray also signifies fatigue, boredom, and a lack of passion. Your dreams could indicate a growing discontent with a stale workplace or relationship. Consider ways to reinvigorate your investment in people/pursuits.


On the other hand, the color gray can also represent practicality, conservatism and taking a balanced approach to decisions. It suggests logic and calculated movements over risk-taking.


Orange represents creativity, freedom, ambition, success, and encouragement.

Creativity and Freedom

When you dream in orange, it reflects creativity, freedom, fun, adventure and trying new things. Orange can suggest a yearning for self-expression without limits.

Drive and Ambition

Orange also represents drive, ambition, and motivation towards success. It can indicate career aspirations and reaching your full potential. Believe in yourself.


Finally, orange signifies encouragement, moral support, and standing behind causes/people you care about. Your dreams may reveal who/what you need to champion.


The colors that appear in dreams often symbolize important messages from our subconscious about inner desires, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and directions for personal growth. Paying attention by recording your colorful dreams in a journal and reflecting on their symbolic meaning over time provides valuable insight to guide you towards greater self-understanding and wisdom.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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