Magpies are beautiful birds that hold many meanings. Magpie’s spiritual symbolism is often associated with protection, good luck, and even change.

But that hasn’t been always the case throughout history because they were known for being mischievous.

Magpie’s meaning has changed over time, and that’s because the bird is a spiritual messenger which symbolizes wisdom in many cultures around the world.

Magpies have stark black and white feathers which make for stunning-looking birds. They are noisy with an impressive vocabulary within the animal kingdom.

Magpies are also intelligent. Magpies can mimic more than 35 other birds, and even other species like horses, dogs, and people.

They are known to be very confident and are not scared of humans, they either playfully run away or continue to try and get attention.

Magpie Spiritual Symbolism

Spiritually magpies symbolize many things, but most often they signify confidence, bravery, playfulness, and mischievousness.

When a magpie appears in your life it’s a powerful symbol because it’s thought to bring good luck and protection.

The magpie is also a reflection of your own self because it’s believed to be a time for change and transformation.

They are often associated with fortune-telling, good luck charms, and magic spells because of their ability to see the future.

Magpies can also symbolize patience, spirituality, and wisdom which is why they are seen as a messenger of change.


Magpies are brave birds who are not scared of humans. Magpies symbolize bravery and courage when they enter your life because it means you’re on the right path in a time for a change.

Magpie is telling you that there’s no need to be afraid, even if it seems like everything around you is changing or falling apart.

The magpie is saying, hey look at me, I’m doing fine even though I am out of my comfort zone.

It may be time to look at the bigger picture and trust yourself or your intuition about what’s going on in your life because the magpie is a sign from the universe that you can make it through any storm.

Fake it till you make it

Personally, I don’t like faking anything, I would rather be myself. However, in a sense, the magpie plays many roles because it has the ability to mimic other birds. Magpies will pretend to be a hawk or an owl so that they can eat and survive.

This means you should take that as a lesson to be adaptable. Magpies are resilient, they bounce back from anything and don’t give up easily which means you should do the same thing.

There’s no need to frown or fret because life is too short for those things!

The magpie’s ability to mimic also signifies change and transformation. Magpies are brave and confident birds, which means they can do anything.

Time for Change

Magpies are often associated with change which means when one appears in your life it’s a sign that something is going to happen soon.

Magpies are sending you the message of change and transformation, which could mean many things.

Change can be about anything – jobs, friends, relationships, or even moving house!

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or are going through problems, the Magpie is telling you to make changes because it will help improve your life.


However, magpies also symbolize patience when they show up in your life. Magpies are very patient birds who don’t give up easily which means when they show up in your life it’s a chance for you to do the same thing too!

You must be willing and ready for change before anything will happen, so take some time this week to reflect on what changes you would like to make in your life.

If you’re having problems, Magpie is telling you that there’s no need to worry because it will work out in the end.

Spirituality & Wisdom

Just like magpies have a connection with fortune-telling and magic spells, they are also connected to spirituality and wisdom which means when one enters your life it’s a sign of wisdom.

Magpies are telling you that now is the time to stop being lazy and get your life together, otherwise, it will be too late. Magpies are telling you that there’s no time to waste, it’s now or never!


The magpie also represents magic in many cultures. Magpies are wise and protective birds who will bring good luck into your life if you pay attention to them while they’re around.


The magpie can represent confidence in many ways because it’s a brave bird, but the most important reason why this bird symbolizes confidence is due to its coloration.

Magpies are black and white which means they symbolize the balance of Yin and Yang.

This is why Magpie can also represent your need to find that balance in your life.


The magpie’s coloration also signifies balance, which is why Magpie can represent your desire to find a balanced life.

This means that when a magpie shows up in your life it’s time to take some time out of every day to do things like meditation or yoga.


Magpies are not loved by people because they do more damage than good. Magpies are cunning birds who will get what they want by any means necessary.

The magpie has a lot of secrets up its sleeve which is why it can also represent your ability to keep things hidden or have a secret side that others don’t know about, so be careful what you share!

Magpie Spirit Animal

People with the magpie spirit animal like to take risks. They also like to be at the front line of any task or project.

They love taking on new projects and ideas which is why some people with the Magpie spirit animal are creative and innovative.

They are also good at giving anything in life a shot, no matter the risk or what some people may say, they always seem to push through.

People with this spirit animal know when to swoop in and fight when the timing is right, but they also know when to stop and consider what’s on offer. People with spirit animals are fearless in the face of adversity.

They also know to expect the unexpected.

People with this spirit animal need work that is flexible and can keep them on their toes.

Magpie people like new challenges and don’t feel satisfied unless they’re doing something different every day. They also love helping others which makes them great team members or friends.

Magpie people are adventurous and thrive on being the hero, who always jumps in to save things at the last minute.

Another important thing about them is their need for freedom which means they don’t like feeling stuck or restrained by anything.

People with this spirit animal also have a strong sense of justice as well as an urge to help others.

Magpie people are also highly sensitive and emotional, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

They enjoy their independence but they also want someone who will care for them when in need as well as support them through everything life throws at them.

Magpies in Dreams

Magpies in dreams represent many things and we will look at some of the symbolism in this article.

Magpie standing

If you dream of a magpie standing, then it means you will have a pleasant day. This means your day will be pleasant when socializing with others.

Magpie flying away or leaving

If you dream that the Magpie leaves, then it means there is a chance you will lose something of value to you.

Magpie flying

If you dream of a magpie in flight, then it means that your life will be prosperous and happy.

Magpies fighting

If you see two or more magpies fighting in your dream, then this is an indication that there are some competing forces within yourself.

The meaning can also refer to competition for a goal or position.

Magpie as a pet

If you own Magpies, then it means your life will be full of joy and happiness. Magpies will also bring luck into your life as well.

Black Magpie in dreams

If the magpie is black in your dream, then this means that someone close to you will betray your trust.

Magpie as a messenger

If the magpie in your dream delivers news, then this means that there is something to be excited about or some good tidings for someone close to you.

Magpies eating dead things

When Magpies eat dead creatures, then this can mean that you are grieving for the loss of someone close to you.


The symbolism of magpies is as diverse and interesting as the bird itself.

Some cultures believe that a flock of them represents good luck, while others see them as bad omens. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!