A “sunny side up” baby refers to a baby in the womb that is in a persistent occiput posterior position prior to delivery. This means the baby is oriented so that the back of their head is against the mother’s back. While most babies naturally turn during labor so they emerge facing down, some babies remain facing upwards with their spine against the mother’s abdomen. This orientation during labor and delivery can have spiritual implications according to some beliefs.

The Metaphysical Meaning

From a metaphysical perspective, a sunny side up baby that does not turn prior to birth may indicate:

  • A strong-willed baby with a mind of its own
  • A bright spirit that seeks enlightenment
  • An old soul who comes into the world facing upwards towards the heavens
  • A destiny connected to spiritual pursuits
  • Innate spiritual gifts and talents

Some believe a sunny side up baby holds special potential as a teacher, healer, or spiritual leader later in life due to their precocious spiritual orientation during delivery. Their metaphysical gaze heavenwards marks them as seekers of truth from the very beginning.

Challenging Labor and Birth

While the spiritual implications may be positive, a sunny side up position often means a longer, more painful labor for the mother. Without the baby properly aligned and facing down, the widest part of the baby’s head can’t tuck into the curves of the mother’s pelvis. This makes progress slower through an already narrow birthing canal.

Common challenges with a sunny side up vaginal delivery include:

  • Longer labor
  • Stalled labor due to poor positioning
  • Extreme back pain during labor
  • Greater chance of needing intervention or C-section
  • Higher risk of severe tearing during delivery

To help the baby turn, mothers will often be encouraged to change positions frequently, receive massage or acupressure, and utilize birthing balls or water immersion. Turning the baby can help lead to a smoother, safer birth.

Potential Complications for Baby

Due to the challenging nature of this type of delivery, sunny side up babies may face difficulties of their own, including:

  • Unusually molded head at birth
  • Jaundice
  • Low APGAR scores
  • Higher chance of needing respiratory support
  • Facial injuries like black eyes or facial nerve palsy

Most complications clear quickly, but some babies need extra monitoring and support initially while recovering from the strains of an complicated delivery.

Spiritual Lessons for Mom

Beyond the meaning for baby, some believe a sunny side up birth also carries a powerful spiritual message for the mother as well. Potential lessons include:

  • Learning surrender and self-sacrifice for baby
  • Releasing control and expectations of labor
  • Connecting to inner strength and resilience
  • Allowing support and help from others
  • Understanding the unpredictability of life
  • Appreciating baby for exactly who they are

The challenges of this birth orient mothers to put baby first, stay present despite hardship, and acknowledge that not everything goes according to plan. These spiritual lessons equip them for the selfless demands of future parenting.

Honoring the Special Bond

Whether one believes in the spiritual implications or not, a sunny side up birth represents a special bond between mother and child. Moms intrinsically sense the extra efforts their baby undertook to enter the world this way. Meanwhile, babies emerge intensely alert from the birth canal, gazing upwards in awe at their mother’s face.

This shared birthing experience can forge an incredible connection. Mothers would be wise to honor their child’s spirited strength and tell the extraordinary story of their birth often. For some sunny side up babies, this remarkable entry sets the stage for an entire lifetime seeking truth and enlightenment.


While associated with a more painful labor and delivery, a sunny side up baby holds deep spiritual meaning in many traditions. Their orientation during birth indicates a special relationship with the divine, an inquisitive old soul, and a child destined for spiritual pursuits. Additionally, the challenges of this delivery teach mothers their own lessons in selflessness, surrender, and imperfection. By honoring the exceptional circumstances of this birth, both mother and child can reap lifelong spiritual rewards from this profound shared experience.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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