Seeing a gecko is memorable and can hold significance for those on a spiritual path. Geckos are known to bring luck and good fortune, and seeing one means that your life will be blessed with happiness.

Growing up in Central Otago, NZ it was normal to see geckos in our house and it has been fun to see them again in Auckland at our new house in Kumeu.

I have also seen many geckos on holidays in Fiji and other Pacific Islands but it is always a buzz and it never gets old spotting and sometimes even hanging out with them.

Geckos symbolize new beginnings which is why they’re often seen on trips or before an important event in someone’s life.

Geckos are also associated with prosperity because their ability to climb up walls helps them find food sources easily during tough times.

Gecko Spiritual Symbolism

Geckos are very spiritual and represent transformation. Geckos change and shed their skin throughout the year.

They grow new ones- much like how we transform ourselves by shedding anything that limits or no longer serves us.

Geckos remind us that we have the power within ourselves to change and evolve if we can let go of what is not serving our highest good.

Gecko spiritual symbolism also teaches us to have balance as they move both forward and backward on their feet while climbing up walls or trees – much like how one must maintain a delicate balance in life.

Geckos also teach us to be patient and wait for the right moment. Geckos always remain still and in silence until they can catch their prey.

Gecko’s spiritual symbolism teaches us that if we are flexible and patient, it will happen when the time is right.

Gecko’s spiritual meaning also includes a transformational change of perspective by looking at gecko’s eyes which appear as two separate layers. Their pupils are protected with one vertical and one horizontal opening.

Geckos remind us to look at things from a different perspective and be open-minded as we have the power to change our beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, or anything else that limits us – doing so will ultimately result in transformation.

Gecko Spirit Animal

The gecko spirit animal is a great one. This spirit animal provides us with a sense of discovery and adventure.

Geckos serve as a reminder to be curious about life, for the more you know the better off you are in this world.

Gecko spirit animals teach us that we should always find new things to do, explore different ideas without fear, and not let any challenge or opportunity go by if it comes our way.

Geckos represent the importance of being a risk-taker, while also reminding us to be ready for anything.

This spirit animal will never let you lose, this animal teaches you to put yourself out there in any way possible.

Geckos teach us that we can make a difference if we try, they also remind us not to give up on anything or anyone no matter how difficult the task may seem.


Gecko spirit animals are often seen as wise creatures, and they teach us that it’s important to know yourself, your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Gecko spirit animals also represent the importance of setting goals for ourselves and finding out our true ambitions in life.

Geckos are a symbol of wisdom because they have no fear when faced with danger or challenges, this animal teaches you not to worry and to always be optimistic.

Gecko spirit animals also represent the importance of being honest with yourself, as well as others.


Geckos are symbols of creativity because they can climb any surface or wall in order to get where they want to go; this animal teaches us that we should persevere until we reach our full potential.


Geckos are also symbols of independence, this animal shows us the importance of being self-sufficient and not relying on others for help.

Geckos teach us about living in the present because they live completely in the moment, we should try to do that as much as possible too!


Gecko spirit animal represents a balance between life and death, this animal teaches us that we should try to live life in the most fulfilling way possible.

Geckos represent a balance between opposites, this spirit animal reminds us of our ability to find peace and happiness no matter what is going on around us, while also teaching us how important it is not to let any obstacle get in our way when trying for success.

Gecko spirit animals also symbolize a balance between male and female energies, they represent the importance of keeping both masculine and feminine traits in check.

Geckos represent a balance between light and dark because they can go from day to night without fear; they teach you that your inner darkness is not something so bad as long as it’s balanced with love.

Be Persistent In Your Goal

Geckos teach us to always be persistent and never give up on our goals, this spirit animal reminds you that your inner strength is the most important thing you have.

Embrace The Unknown

Geckos remind us not to be scared of change, this animal teaches us to embrace the unknown and that we should always trust in ourselves.

Spiritual Meaning of A Gecko in Your House

Geckos are often associated with good luck but some people believe that seeing one is a bad omen.

Seeing geckos inside brings good fortune. Geckos in the house near money-earning areas, such as your work or office, is an indication of prosperity.

We have had geckos mainly in our bathrooms and once we let one live under our couch for a month. They were so cute and it was crazy cold and wet weather outside so we were happy to have them take shelter.

They do love to live in the tracks of pocket fold-out and sliding doors of bedroom cupboards. This ended badly for one particular gecko in my son’s bedroom. Hence I am always careful and try to warn any little dudes before I open certain doors of our house!

Gecko sightings are also a sign that someone close to you will give you some money soon.

Geckos are also believed to bring good luck in love. They symbolize good fortune for one’s marriage and relationship.

Gecko sightings inside the house mean that there’ll be some form of resolution for a relationship or marriage soon.

Gecko sightings inside, near your bedroom, suggest that the person you’re attracted to will share intimate feelings with you shortly.

Gecko Symbolism in Dreams

When you dream of geckos it symbolizes good luck in the future. It shows that you must have the determination to see your goals and dreams come to fruition. If you push yourself you will overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

However, seeing a gecko in your dream also indicates that you will need to look for renewal and rejuvenation.

When you do have the energy then you need to be active and follow your dreams. You must face life head-on with confidence and achieve what you always wanted.

Dead Gecko Meaning

Dreaming of a dead gecko is a bad sign because geckos are a sign of good luck and fortune, seeing one dead means something bad is going to happen.

It usually relates to rumors bad people are spreading about you. However since it is a gecko in your dream, then you must defend yourself and let the truth be told.


When you see a gecko, it is an opportunity to take stock of your life and how you can make changes for the better.

It may be time to let go of some bad habits or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living a fuller life.

A gecko sighting should prompt self-reflection on what aspects in your life need changing, which will lead to increased happiness and levels of success!