The Fig tree is one of the oldest known trees. The symbolism for the fig tree has many references.

In the ancient world, Man discovered the fig fruit as a nutritious fruit. Hence, this tree has references in many ancient texts.

As a Symbol Of Wisdom and Knowledge

In the Garden of Eden, God planted a fig tree. It was a forbidden tree. But Adam and Eve didn’t listen to God.

They ate the fig fruit and then they became wise. They began to understand everything around them. Even, they felt shy, so they used fig tree leaves to hide their nakedness.The symbolism for fig tree

As a Cursed Tree

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ cursed a fig tree. When Jesus and his disciples started their journey from Bethany, he was hungry.

He saw a fig tree. But unfortunately, the tree didn’t have any fruits. Then, Jesus cursed the tree to be fruitless.

Later, the tree was found uprooted.

Jesus told his followers to have faith in their prayers. He wanted this fruit tree to be dead and it was dead. Prayer with complete faith will always be successful.

As a Symbol Of Enlightenment

Buddha sat under the fig tree for 12 years. He was meditating under this tree. His quest was to know – ‘Why is there sorrow?’ and ‘How to get relief from it?’

Finally, his mind became enlightened and he found his answers. Thus, this tree is called ‘Bodhi Tree’. At present, anybody can visit Bodhgaya to see this massive fig tree.

It’s a sacred tree to Buddhists and its a symbol of enlightenment to them.

Fig Tree Meaning In Hindu Religion – As a Holy Tree

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. ‘Purana’ is an ancient Hindu book. In that book, a holy reference of this tree is found.

One of the Hindu Gods named ‘Vishnu’ was born under this tree. As a result, this tree is holy to Hindus. Moreover, many sages in ancient India practiced meditation under this tree. So, the fig tree has a great significance in the Hindu religion.

Other Symbolism Of Fig Tree

Many other symbolism are related to the Fig tree. Some consider it to be a symbol of Israel and the country’s religious life.

In the African culture, it’s the ‘Queen of trees’. Moreover, some cultures believe that spirits love to be on the fig tree. It’s thought that the fig tree wood can pave ways for souls.

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