The Three Different Types of Narcissists

There are many types of narcissists, the most common types are, the romantic narcissist, the unprincipled narcissist and the elitist narcissist. When you read the subtypes, I am sure you are familiar with someone you have concerns about. Both men and women can drop into this categories, some may exhibit more than one type.types of narcissists

The 3 Types of Narcissists


The Romantic Narcissist

The romantic narcissist has a seductive and erotic direction. Thy tend to build their self worth around romance and sexual conquests. Most often they go through a string of relationships, they cast their last one and look for their new conquest. They are heart breakers and make their victims commit to giving them money by lying and other fraudulent behavior. This narcissist is like the don juan character, they have a need to seduce many to reinforce their sense of self worth.

The Unprincipled Narcissist

This narcissist has no sense of right and wrong. They don’t care about the welfare of others and they are amoral, devious and deceptive how they deal with others. They have an arrogant self worth and always think they are the best. They have a need to out do others, they are smarter than the ones they prey on. It’s not surprising to find this type of narcissistic in prisons or in drug rehab centers.

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The Elitist Narcissist

The Elitist narcissist is very much obsessed with their self image. They create this false sense of self that has no likeness to their actual self. Yet they always convince others of their abilities and talents. They feel powerful and think they are entitled to special treatment because of the achievements they have accomplished. They turn relationships into competitions, work, friendship and love are all just contest to them. Their goal is to win no matter what the costs are, they need to prove to others and themselves their superiority. The Elitist narcissist hold them selves in such high regard, they don’t see any sense listening to others.

There are many other types of narcissists you need to watch out for, some are combination of the above.

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