The Truth Behind Twin Flame Separation And Reunion

Unconditional love is the most profound forms of love as it bears no attachments or conditions.  It’s the most supreme of spiritual love and the path to discovering it is guided by the cosmos.

The journey is full of miraculous synchronicities that help you find something you never knew you were searching for.  The awakening code 11:11 becomes forever more prevalent signalling the expansiveness of your consciousness and the closeness to your twin flame.


You are both the same soul inhabiting two bodies and the divine only created one twin for us amongst a forever expanding multi-dimensional universe.

So what happens when separation sporadically occurs and we are left falling into a never ending chasm of darkness.  It feels as if a part of our soul has been ripped out and we mourn whilst being encompassed by insurmountable pain.

Our twin is our mirror image so why would they hurt us?  Why would they walk away from such a sacred connection?  You will replay each moment again and again and look for clues as to where there was an indication for a foreseeable event of separation but you find none.

Twin flame separation is a hard burden to bear but it is the only thing that will force us to look inwards.  As similar as you and your twin were, you were also mirroring each other’s deepest fears and insecurities.

This sacred bond has been destined for your infinite healing and albeit your twin seems too cause you nothing but pain in the physical, in the spiritual their spirit aims to trigger your wounds so that your emotional baggage will dissipate.  There can be no darkness in a union which is made purely of light.


The process is arduous and must be walked alone but it is truly for your greatest good.


Your ego will deny that there is any healing that needs to be performed but when quietness subdues your mind, your soul will whisper and tears will flow from your cumbersome eyes.

An epiphany will brew and you will realise that subconsciously you have been running away from all your inner turmoil.  If all your life you have feared rejection, your twin will reject you which will open the door to the darkness you kept hidden.

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The only way to overcome your trials and tribulations is to face them head on.  It may feel like your twin has abandoned you physically but in spirit they are there cheering you on.  To heal yourself means to heal them.  Physically the journey of separation is walked alone but in spirit you are always side by side.

The ego will name and blame and suggest that your beloved was never really your twin flame.  Denial and intuition are clearly differentiated between logic and faith.

If you were to move on physically you know that time will heal and memories will fade.  You will be able to imagine yourself with someone else physically without feeling pain.  However, if your intuition reassures you that your paths will cross in divine timing and all the sacredness and synchronicity that you experienced was true heed to it.

The truth in letting go is to let go of your willingness to control time and expectations.  Focus on your own self-healing and let nature take its course.

Once you plant a seed you do not diligently watch it until it becomes a tree.  You surrender to mother nature that it will nourish it daily so that one day when you return you will witness the beauty of it blossoming.

When the pain that consumes you subsides and in moments of stillness you still feel your twin and feel love for them whilst wishing them nothing but happiness, know that you have achieved unconditional love.

Twin flame love is a paradox because the more your chase your twin the greater the distance you will create.  The universe has separated you for a divine reason.

You must both work on your individual lights as twin flames have been destined with a profound purpose to aid in healing and awakening other twins and light workers.

In some cases where one of the twins are not as spiritually awake as the other, know that this separation serves as the perfect opportunity for them to catalyse in their awakening.

Often the intensity of the twin flame relationship can be overwhelming for the twin still undergoing awakening.  When one is so accustomed to maya (illusion), waking up can be hard to fathom thus the process must be done gently.

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Silently send them love, peace, happiness and direction and have faith that in divine timing you will reunite.


During the period of separation, you may see the number 22:22 recurring which is the universe’s way of reminding you that no matter what seems to be happening in the physical, in the spiritual you and your twin are one and your souls love each other unconditionally.

You may even dream of them and experience premonitions and this is because spiritually you are both continuously communicating.  Those who venture to clairvoyants for advice, know that what they can tell you is limited.

Their intentions are beautifully pure as they wish to aid you in moving on but their advice is based on your aura and current state of mind.  Only you and you alone know what your heart truly says.


Treat this period of separation as the perfect platform to build yourself into your truest and most authentic you.  The divine is with you every step of the way and guidance is available at any given moment should you wish to ask for it.  Angels are showering you with signs of reassurance at every corner.

Those repeated numbers, that book, the song, that stranger, these are all signs that you are shining.

Focus on your earthly work and as you shower love inwardly know that your twin is doing the same.  When your soul is immersed in fire it does not burn, only that parts that are not truly you wither to ashes.

Twin souls only incarnate on the earthly plain to reunite and fulfil their true spiritual purpose together.  What you are both separately working on will aid in your combined destiny as you will both complement each other in perfect unison.

The thread that ties twins together may stretch and tangle but it can never be broken.  When the divine wills for something to be nothing in this universe can prevent it from happening.

Stay strong my fellow beloveds.  During this time, you and your twin play a significant role in the awakening and healing of our planet.

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Wishing you hope, love and faith,

Sahil Sharma.



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