”The twin flame fear phase” also known as the “twin flame runner-chaser phase” constitutes the part of the twin flame relationship in which both twins spend their time in estrangement.

Harmonizing a twin flame relationship is an arduous struggle.

When you first meet your twin flame, everything goes seamlessly well. You daydream about them, and the chemistry is killer, but with time, as twin flames unveil certain aspects of their lives to each other, that’s when the real problem starts.

One of the twins (the male counterpart) is spiritually immature and hasn’t yet resolved his emotional conflicts.

The concept of love is foreign to him. He has met abandonment and rejection at every turn of his life.

These negative experiences give birth to insecurities and lack of self-acceptance. His past has taught him that he does not deserve love.

So, once, someone comes along who wants to spend an eternity with him, despite his flaws and imperfection, he feels baffled.

In confusion, his fears coerce him to seek seclusion.
At this point, he embarks upon a personal journey. His self-ego misleads him to distant places. The emotional conflicts become more intricate.

Some twin resorts to substance abuse, but even that doesn’t help them. It only ends up exacerbating the situation.

No matter how much they try to run away from their partner, they always end up being agonised by their memory.

”The twin flame fear phase” takes a toll on some people. They are unable to cope with the bruising effects of the whole process.

Consequently, they end up having bouts of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses during this period.

The twin flame relationship is not a regular one. It’s intense, fiery, unsettling, unstable, knotty and emotionally demanding.

When such a bond is inflicted with such hardships, it hurts the involved more than it is supposed to.

That is why, it’s hard for twins to keep an open mind and resolve their disagreements. When you’re caught up in a fireball of stress and paranoia, you let insanity make the choices for you.

However, there comes a point in every twin flame relationships when they become emotionally exhausted.

They come to terms with the fact that the ”twin flame fear phase” is not a means to end.

The universe will always find a way to somehow unite them, no matter how much they resist.

And when they finally come to realise that and reunite with each other, they get all the answers. All their conflicts start to dissolve.

The internal chaos that was created as a result of the twin flame fear phase starts to diminish.

Most of the twin flames encounter “the dark night of the soul” in this phase. It is a special experience which heralds the arrival of spiritual ascension.

During this period, the twin undergoes acute depression and suffering. However, the pain elevates him to a higher vibration.

He often meets his higher consciousness that tells him that his cure lies in his chaser’s loving embrace.

The twin flame fear phase is a sensitive condition which can take years to overcome. It is important to search for peace within yourself to find eternal bliss with your twin.