Scientific Theories Suggest Alien Dna In Humans

In the sci fi movie Movie Prometheus show cased humanity was created from Alien hybrid Dna, many believe this is more to the truth than just science fiction. Quite a few years after the movie’s release, a recent genome biology publication revealed some research which claimed 145 genes within the human dna are not from our ape ancestors. The science community believes that our mysterious genome is being masked and there is clearly facts that prove our genetics come from alien origins.



Alien dna in humans are not fictionalien dna in humans

More often we as humans struggle with natural aspects of this planet. Our fragile bodies don’t seem to be developed to survive in the harsh conditions of the jungle or the desert. It’s possible we may have descended from aliens and this is not our home?

Watch the video and let us know if you agree these theories to be true.


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