Best crystals for empaths: As empaths, we need tools in our arsenal to deal with the extreme emotional fluctuations and invasions. We fight on a daily basis – and one vital part of that arsenal is crystal healing.

Best Crystals For Empaths

But what are the best crystals for empaths?

We’re going to do a rundown of the best crystals for empaths who need a little help dealing with the empathic state of life.

#5 Empath Crystal: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is always an excellent crystal to have on hand for anyone as it promotes love and light in the heart chakra.

But it is especially useful for empaths.

This is because empaths put a lot of strain on their heart chakra, brought on by the ease with which they establish spiritual connections.

These spiritual connections extend from and connect to the heart chakra and are powered by its energies.

This can cause a buildup of negative energy in the heart chakra that rose quartz can help us to deal with.

#4 Empath Crystal: Malachite

Empaths can often suffer from emotional blockages due to a build-up of negative energy.

Coming in to contact with people who are harbouring negative thoughts and emotions can cause these build-ups.

Malachite is an excellent remedy for these blockages as it promotes the clearing of these harmful energies.

Use malachite to de-stress after a particularly harrowing day. One where you have had to deal with the emotional stress that empaths often do without meaning to.

#3 Empath Crystal: Hematite

Hematite is an excellent soother for negative emotions, helping to lessen the emotional extremity and calm all the energies down.

It does this by converting vibrations into a normalised frequency, lessening both negative and positive emotions.

It can also provide a sort of shield against extreme energies, both positive and negative, by erecting a barrier that normalises the frequencies.

For this reason, an empath might find some use in a hematite amulet or bracelet.

#2 Empath Crystal: Amethyst

Empaths love amethyst. This is because it is a potent psychic enhancer that can help an empath to harness their psychic abilities and gain control over them.

It is useful both for spiritual practice and for psychic protection.

This is because specific psychic techniques can be used to shield us from negative energy. Using those techniques with amethyst only makes them more efficient.

#1 Empath Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Our number one pick is black tourmaline for its unparalleled protection qualities.

Empaths are vulnerable to negative energy. Black tourmaline repels this negative energy before it even reaches you, which is perfect for daily life.

Carrying a black tourmaline crystal with you at all times is a good idea.

Just remember, no crystals are better than regular spiritual practice – especially for empaths. But for the empath looking for extra protection and concentration of their powers. Crystals offer significant benefits.

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