The intense attraction between two twin flames is a wild beast. It’s uncontrollable, unending and takes the two twin flames by storm.

It starts a fire that only spreads with each passing moment. This formidable meeting between two destined people shatters them into little smithereens, and yet they are willing to pick up their pieces and follow each other to the ends of the Earth.

Twin flames were contained in a single soul before their human birth. This unipolarity required a seismic conflagration to break apart, and dissect one single soul into two complete beings.

That’s why when two twin flames meet each other; they feel a burning fire spiking up. Twin flames are mirror images of each other because they are made up of an identical spiritual fabric.

They were woven with similar threads, and that’s why they feel a strong sense of familiarity when they finally meet each other in the human world.

Here the Twin flame meeting signs that affirm a twin flame encounter.

Twin Flame meeting signs list

A strong sense of familiarity

You feel as if you know everything about your twin flame, even if you’ve only known him for a couple of seconds. The first stare between you is vicious.

It draws you towards each other. You both feel like hungry beasts, and an unprecedented sexual hunger can take you over.

Confusing in nature

Some people are unable to cope with the confounding effects of meeting a soul mate and tend to run away. This gives rise to the Twin flame runner and chaser dynamic.

An unbelievable telepathic connection

When you meet them, you instantly develop a telepathic connection. It transcends reason, but it makes complete sense to you.

You can figure out exactly what they’re thinking. However, this telepathy is not long lasting. If it doesn’t last long don’t fret.

It doesn’t mean that your connection with your twin flame is no longer intact. It just means you’ve found a way to balance your energies.

You relate to them

You relate to them on a deep level. As you are mirror souls, you share the same interests. You’re attracted to the same things. It’s hard for people to call you apart sometimes.

An unexpected meeting

A twin flame encounter can happen at any time and any place. It’s a coincidental meeting, so don’t feel surprised if you meet your twin flame in Disneyworld or a dark alley.

Anything is possible. The universe has its mysterious ways of making things work.

Your meeting might not go well

It’s not likely that the first meeting fares well because of its confusing nature. Of course, at first, you’ll feel utterly dumbfounded because it’s something you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll start asking yourself questions, and when you won’t get the answers, you’ll feel overwrought.

Twin flames show themselves when we’re going through a rough time

You’re most likely to come across your twin flame at a hard time in your life. Twin flames come into our lives to teach us an invaluable lesson and perpetuate our spiritual development.

These twin flame meeting signs can help you identify your twin flame and help you approach the sensitive situation in a much better way.