Third Eye Activation: Open Your Pineal Gland With These Tips

Third Eye Activation: In the 17th century, the French philosopher and scientist René Descartes would discuss the higher order function of the pineal gland. He described it as “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.”

This gland is responsible for the connection between the two parts of what makes human, a human, the ingredients of the body and the soul.


It was later on reiterated by the co-founder of the Theosophy society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, that this pineal gland identifies closely with the Hindu Ajna chakra, otherwise known as the Third Eye.

The 6th chakra that would remain untapped within the body can indeed be trained with enough repetition, just like muscles, in order to gain the ability of perception of the higher chakras.
What it essentially does is the ability to communicate with our instinctual intuition and intellect, the ability to perceive the past and the future. Clairvoyance or omniscient if you may.third eye activation

Tips On Third Eye Activation And Pineal Gland

The Hindus believe that the pineal gland is where the spiritual energy flows, from the environment, into the body. And of course, you would need to train the pineal gland enough in order to truly tap into your inner ability. To do that, “detaching” yourself from your daily busywork would help you along.

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1. Relax

First things first, get yourself to relax. As intuitive as it is, being fully is something that most people miss out on a daily basis. This is to say you aren’t going to empty your mind or emotions completely.

You need to lose the tensing. I find the easiest way to do so is to follow the Buddhist or Hindu meditation position. Sit down on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, back straight not leaning on anything, shoulder down and your arm resting on the legs forming an arch of the sort with your palm. Then maintain this position while you focus on your breathing.


2. Visualize

Visualization technique is simple yet often difficult to master since we are often distracted by other thoughts while trying to maintain concentration. Visualizing your breathing is one such way. Focus on your breathing, feel the flow of air as it enters your nose, down your throat and into the lung. Follow as it circulates when you breathe out.

3. Breathe in

Another visualizing technique is to imagine that a cloud comes down to crown you, down to your neck as you breathe in. Tensed up your head muscles as the crown of cloud blanket you. Breathe out as you exhaust the tension from the neck up and you will feel every muscle and cells feels released from any stress. As you advance more into the technique, try to visual it down to your toes and back up again.

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4. Keep trying

Remember that your pineal gland can be considered a muscle that required repeated training. You can’t simply sense energy from the get go on the first few try. Put it this way, this a “muscle” you had never use (consciously anyway) your whole life. Repetition to get you accustomed to this “muscle” is necessary.

5. Learn to let go

Breaking down the spiritual walls is never easy practice. This is the first wall you need to bring down before you can proceed. This could come in variety, different to each individual. Be it emotional baggage, unsuitable diet or often the environment itself could pose a problem. Find the root of this hindrance, learn to let it go. Only then could start to tap into your extrasensory perception.

Has your third eye activation began in your spiritual journey? Please share your spiritual journey with us by leaving a comment, we love hearing from you.


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