When you are experiencing problems with your third eye chakra and want to do some powerful chakra healing to restore energy flow, there are a variety of crystals that can supercharge the third eye and help it to open fully.

But there are so many healing crystals available that it can be difficult to know which ones will be most effective for your uses.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

So we have put together this list of the best healing crystals available for third eye chakra healing and balancing.


The uses of amethyst are many and varied, but for millennia it has been used primarily as a sobering crystal.

This is quite literal in some ways, as it was believed in the ancient world that amethyst could prevent you from getting drunk – no matter how much wine you swilled!

But the truth is that amethyst is a sensory focus crystal. In other words, it sharpens your senses and expands your perception by increasing energy flow through the third eye.

Regular exposure to amethyst can lead to heightened awareness not just through your physical senses like sight, hearing and smell, but also your spiritual and internal awareness through intuition and discovered knowledge.


Those who have opened their third eye but are now experiencing over-activation might be particularly enamoured with moldavite for its third eye healing properties.

Moldavite is mostly used for healing the heart chakra, but it is also incredibly useful for third eye balancing when it is over-activated.

This is because moldavite builds awareness of spiritual energies and makes them more perceptible.

This is a core function of the third eye, and when it is over-activated we tend to suffer from problems identifying our own energies.

Grounding your spiritual awareness with moldavite can bring your third eye back into balance and allow you to move forward with a greater awareness of your energies.

Purple Fluorite

We all experience times when we are less than clear of mind. Particularly when we are stressed, a sort of mental haze or fog can descend which can prevent us from being present in our own lives.

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This is a problem of perception, a blockage in the third eye that puts up a barrier between our spiritual and physical senses.

Purple Fluorite is excellent at clearing away these blockages and restoring the connection between the physical and spiritual senses.

For this reason, many people use purple fluorite to help them to make decisions in high-stress situations.

If you are snowed under at work and feel like all of the pressure is getting to you so much that it is affecting your decision making, then you should sit in quiet contemplation for just a few minutes with some purple fluorite.

The barrier will fade, and you will begin to think clearly again.

Black Obsidian

Every energy centre in the body accumulates negative, low-frequency energy as a part of everyday, normal life.

These energies can be picked up through your own thoughts, actions and words, but they can also be picked up from the auras of those with whom you come in to contact.

That means that when your boss shouts at you or an irate customer is unnecessarily rude, their negative energies are seeping into your aura. This can lead to negative effects for you going forward.

Black obsidian comes to the rescue! This crystal is a powerful cleanser that works well on clearing the negative energies from your aura and all of your energy centres.

In truth, black obsidian is a great all rounder for chakra healing in general.

But for the third eye, the effects are particularly self-esteem.

Black obsidian serves its primary purpose quite well as a cleanser, but its secondary purpose as a protective stone really works well with the functions of the third eye.

Carrying black obsidian with you during the day can help to stop the negative energies of others affecting the way in which you see yourself.

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This can lead to higher self esteem, as well as greater empathy for others.


In a similar vein, many people prefer to use shungite as their primary protective stone.

This is because – rather than being carried around all day – it can be used at the end of the day to absorb the negative energies that have been picked up over the course of the day.

For the third eye, shungite can help to clear the blockages that lead to emotional volatility.

Bringing emotional balance is a good enough benefit in itself to justify using shungite, but restoring emotional balance actually leads to many more spiritual benefits for healing the third eye.

This is because our third eye helps us to see the world as it is, both in terms of the physical and emotional as well as the spiritual.

When we aren’t seeing clearly with our third eye, it becomes very difficult to make good spiritual decisions and we become stuck at a spiritual roadblock on our journey.

Lapis Lazuli

And we have arrived at our number one third eye chakra healing stone – lapis lazuli.

It is widely used in promoting core third eye functions like inner truth, self-awareness and honesty with yourself.

These are vital functions of the third eye chakra, and are what balancing the third eye is all about.

Using lapis lazuli in meditation is great for restoring positive energies to the third eye through self-epiphany.

It is best to sit in contemplation of yourself and your inner truth while asking the universe to channel the energies of the stones to help you to live more true to yourself.

If you decide to use just one of these stones for your third eye chakra healing, then we believe you should go for lapis lazuli.