The Third Eye chakra, or Ajna in Sanskrit, is located on the forehead and is the centre of perception governing foresight and intuition.

The Ajna, which means “command” or “perceiving”, is primarily driven by imagination and openness. It is where our perception operates, both inwards and outwards.


Through the Third Eye, we see not only the world outside of ourselves and bring it within ourselves, but also our inner selves so that we may express (as best we can) the world within ourselves.

Through meditation, mindfulness and other specific activities, we can open our Third Eye. But how do we know our Third Eye is opening?

There are a few Third Eye chakra opening symptoms we can look out for.

Pressure Between Eyebrows

When our Third Eye is in the process of opening, the area between the eyebrows where the chakra is located can be particularly sensitive.


Though nothing has changed physiologically, activation often results in an extra consciousness of ordinary sensation.

This can manifest as a dull ache or light pressure.

Often we can alleviate this symptom quite quickly by listening to our Third Eye.

It is trying to pull us back to the spiritual realm, so we can engage in meditation – especially mindfulness practice, which is especially effective in dealing with all Third Eye problems.

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The Third Eye is supposed to open gradually, like a flower revealing its petals to the Sun.

But for some people, parts of the process can happen rapidly. When this happens, we might experience more frequent headaches.

This is due to overstimulation. It may be best to consult a meditation expert to see if our routine is too intense for us, but in the short term, we might better engage with our Third Eye in a more relaxed fashion by taking a walk outside and enjoying nature for an afternoon.

 Light Sensitivity

We may also experience increased light sensitivity.

This is very normal, everybody who opens their Third Eye experiences some degree of light sensitivity, though it is usually only noticeable during or immediately after meditation.

Over time, with the Third Eye opening, our perception of light will change.

This is a good thing, but in the short term can be less than ideal. We should try to avoid artificial light where possible and, though it might seem simple, perhaps invest in a pair of sunglasses for when the daylight becomes too much.


Foresight & Transformation

The most important symptoms of Third Eye opening are the non-physical symptoms.

Though less evident over the short term, an increase in foresight and the gradual transformations that occur during this time have the most profound effects.

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Our perception of ourselves and others, as well as the world around us, allows us to predict instinctively what may happen next.

We are becoming more attuned to our own perception, and at the same time, we grow to understand ourselves and our place in the universe better.

The changes are highly individual and depend entirely on who we are and who we need to become.

We should foster this growth and cherish it. It is an incredibly important part of our life journey.

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